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Thanks to HENkaku, the Vita’s gotten quite a few ports of open-source games and Zelda fan games are no exception! Through Wololo /talk user”usineur”, who’s also ported ZeldaROTH, we now have a port of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Time To Triumph’.


What’s Zelda: Time to Triumph?

Like Zelda: Oni Link’s Begins (ZeldaOLB) and Zelda: Return of Hylian (ZeldaROTH), Zelda: Time To Triumph is another fan-made Zelda game that got ported to the PSVita.

The game takes part after the events of Zelda: A Link to the Past (the SNES game) which is after Link killed his alter-ego. Ganon seems to want to take over Hyrule and finally an event came up to put his waiting to an end.

This is the third game in Vincent Jouillat’s Zelda fanmade trilogy.

Zelda3T in-game

If you’re a fan of SNES-esque Zelda games, this is a game you should surely check out (after you check the SNES/GBA offerings of the game on your Vita). Controls can be found in the link below and you can also pop them up while playing the game by pushing ‘SELECT’ on your Vita.

How do I install it?

As this is quite a big game, it requires data files so you have to install those as well as the VPK.

To install the game, you need to do the following:

  • Download the VPK and the data files from the link below.
  • Copy the VPK to your Vita and install it via VitaShell.
  • Extract the ‘z3t.zip’ data file to your computer and copy it over to ‘ux0:/data’. The data file is about 223MB large so make sure you have enough space on your Vita/PSTV.

Recounting some of the game’s story

That’s it, now you can play Zelda3T all you want. If you have any issues, report them to “usineur” on Wololo /talk forums or GitHub in the issues section.

Credits go to Vincent Jouillat for the game itself, Nop90 for his 3D port which includes many memory leak fixes that made their way into this port and littlebalup for inspiration on the control scheme. Ultimately, the person who ported the game to the Vita is “usineur” so all requests/bug reports regarding the game should be directed at him.

Zelda: Time to Triumph readme (+ more info + download links + control scheme): https://github.com/usineur/Zelda3T/blob/vita/README.md

Official game website: http://www.zeldaroth.fr/us/z3t.php

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