VitaShell 1.8 (and 1.79) released –

With the constant work of quite a few dedicated developers, PSVita homebrew is not only created but it keeps on getting updated. This time around, VitaShell, the most important utility on HENkaku-enabled devices, got updated to version 1.8.


What is VitaShell?

VitaShell is a file manager for the PSVita that does a lot more than just manage files! It is the most installed homebrew on HENkaku-enabled Vitas since it’s installed either in the form of MolecularShell (got up to v1.43) or in its standalone VitaShell form.

TheFlow’s VitaShell has the following features:

  • Support for copying/moving/renaming files on and between all PSVita partitions (uma0,ux0,ur0 and more)
  • Ability to listen to MP3s and view images.
  • Ability to view SFO files.
  • FTP server functionality to copy files over to your PSVita/PSTV
  • You may also turn your Vita into a USB mass storage device and copy files to it as if you were using a pen drive.

    Password protected ZIP archives are now supported by VitaShell!

  • Many more features such as theme support and ability to extract many types of archives.

What got updated/changed in version 1.8 (and 1.79)?

The following got updated/changed in VitaShell 1.8:

  • Support for multi volume RAR archives and password protected ZIP ones. (v1.79)
  • Support for file properties in archives was added. (v1.79)
  • Natural sorting for filenames was added. (v1.79)
  • The ability to open .psarc files was added. (v1.79)
  • Memory was aligned to 64-bit for faster I/O. (v1.8)
  • A crash when using FTP was fixed. (v1.8)
  • Other bug fixes

As you can see, this is a somewhat important update since it has many bug fixes and some new features that you may find useful. Thanks to VitaShell’s built-in update functionality, you can update your utility

VitaShell prompts you itself to update so there’s no real reason not to update!

with little effort since VitaShell prompts you to update itself when connected to the internet.


To get the updated version, either use VitaShell’s update feature or grab the VPK and install it via MolecularShell since issues may arise if you try to install the VPK from VitaShell itself.

If you have any issues with VitaShell 1.8, report them to TheFlow on the Issues tab of the GitHub links below.

VitaShell 1.8 release page (changelog + download link):

VitaShell 1.79 release page (changelog for 1.79 – don’t use this link to download the VPK):

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