VitaShell 1.76 released for the PSVita/PSTV –

Earlier today, TheFlow’s famous VitaShell utility got updated to version 1.76 which makes the 1.7x series of VitaShell the longest version series to date. VitaShell 1.76 brings about some bug fixes and some other features having to do with application (game) licenses by VitaSmith.


What’s VitaShell?

VitaShell is the most popular homebrew utility for the PSVita since it’s installed on almost every HENkaku-enabled PSVita/PSTV. It was originally developed by ‘TheFlow’ for Rejuvenate and it won the Wololo PS Vita Revitalize competition as it was determined “Best homebrew” back in 2015. Now, it’s become a Swiss Army for the PSVita since it can do many things such as:

  • Let you start an FTP server to copy files to your Vita. You may also use it to copy files to your Vita via USB from your computer.
  • Read QR codes and even install VPKs from them if they lead to one.
  • Sort/Delete/Create files and folders.
  • Extract and create ZIP files.
  • Read and display various files such as music files (MP3), pictures, SFO files and much more.
  • Use themes for maximum customisation
  • Many other features!

What got updated in VitaShell 1.76?

VitaShell 1.76 brings about the following:

  • The ‘C2-12828-1 error’ was fixed. These seemed to affect some users when doing normal file operations (copying/deleting/moving) in VitaShell 1.75. This seems to have had something to do with a malloc problem with File I/O.
  • License database refresh, a feature developed by VitaSmith, was added.
  • DLC refresh and restore license from an Sqlite DB database were added. These features were also developed by VitaSmith.

    VitaShell 1.76 in action

The features by VitaSmith are aimed at making it easier to restore or reinstall your legally owned content straight from Sony’s own PKG files. VitaSmith’s DLC feature also makes it easier to install DLC from ux0:/addcont.

For more information about VitaSmith’s added features, check out the link below. They do need a more straightforward explanation on how to actually use them in my opinion.

How do I get it?

VitaShell has an auto-update feature so it will automatically notify you of new updates if you’re connected to the internet. If you can’t connect to the internet on your Vita/PSTV, you can install VitaShell 1.76 by grabbing the VPK from the link below, copying it to your device and installing that on your Vita/PSTV.

Make sure you get the VPK from a trusted source to avoid installing any potential malware as this is, quite obviously, unsafe homebrew (it needs extended permissions since it needs extra permissions such as access outside ux0:/data). If you have any issues, properly report them to TheFlow on GitHub in the Issues section but make sure you’re not re-reporting any ‘open’ issues!

VitaShell 1.76 changelog + VPK download link:

Information about VitaSmith’s new features (These need a better explanation in my opinion):

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