VitaShell 1.75 released – QR code reader fixed –

VitaShell, TheFlow famous homebrew that’s probably installed on every PSTV/Vita running HENkaku, is one of the greatest piece of homebrew for the Vita but as it has many features, bugs are bound to pop up. VitaShell 1.75 has been released to address some bugs, even one that was created in 1.74.

The auto-update feature really makes your life easier!


What’s VitaShell?

This homebrew utility really needs no introduction as it’s the first homebrew you probably got installed in your Vita in the form of Molecular Shell. VitaShell was developed by TheFlow with the help of some other developers who contributed to some features. It was originally released for Rejuvenate and was awarded the “best homebrew” prize in the Revitalize competition which took place in 2015.

Opening a URL from a QR code link

Some features of VitaShell are:

  • Ability to delete/move/copy/rename files and create folders.
  • Ability to start an FTP server to copy files over to your Vita and the ability to copy files to your Vita via USB from a computer.
  • The ability to play music, view images, read text documents and view SFO files.
  • A QR code reader that lets you install VPKs from the internet if the link leads to a VPK. VitaDB has QR code links for all homebrews and plugins hosted on it.
  • Many other features.

What got updated/changed in VitaShell 1.75?

In VitaShell 1.75, the following got changed/updated:

  • A bug was fixed in which the memory card got unmounted after closing a USB transfer session. This, in turn, fixes ‘The file is corrupt’ error.

    Downloading a file from a link from a QR code. You no longer need to have Download Enabler as it doesn’t open in the browser

  • The QR code reader got fixed for most URLs as VitaShell 1.74 broke QR code functionality for all QR code links except for a few such as those found on VitaDB. Now, you don’t need Download Enabler to download a file from a QR code link as the Browser isn’t opened for files that can be downloaded. If the link leads to a website, you will be asked whether you want to open it in the browser. Downloads from QR code links are put in ux0:download/.

As you can see, the update fixes some critical bugs in regards to QR code reader functionality. I suggest you update to this version as I haven’t noticed any issues with it and it properly fixes the QR code functionality which was mostly broken in version 1.74.


VitaShell will prompt you to update if you’re connected to WiFi so updating is pretty easy. If, for some reason, it doesn’t ask you to update to version 1.75 or you’re not/can’t connect to the internet, just download the VPK from the link below and install that from VitaShell. Make sure you get VitaShell from a trusted source since it requires unsafe permissions!

If you have any issues, report them in a civil way on GitHub and make sure you don’t report any issues that have already been reported/closed. Issues relating to the QR code reader should be directed towards ‘cxziaho’ as he is the one that created and maintains the QR code reader.

VitaShell 1.75 update (download link + more info):

Guide on how to make use of the new QR code functionality:

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