USBHostFS for the PSVita released – Access your PC’s files via USB directly on your Vita! –

USBHostFS for the PSVita released – Access your PC’s files via USB directly on your Vita! –

In the PSP days, plugins were widespread and slowly, some of its plugins are being ported over to the Vita! This time around, USBHostFS got ported over to the Vita by Cpasjuste (who ported pfba over to the Vita among other things).

What’s USBHostFS?

As the name suggests, it lets you access the data of the computer (host) you’re connecting your PSVita to. This a port of the plugin of the same name that was available for the PSP. With this plugin, you can access specific directories (you can change which directory you access) and also copy files to/from (installing VPKs also worked) them by using any programs that support host0. This could prove useful,for example if you have a large folder of ROMs and want to browse them to copy over specific ones to your Vita, among other things.

Accessing files on my computer thanks to VitaShell and USBHostFS!

In my testing, I noticed a few issues with the plugin:

  • If this plugin is installed, you can’t use VitaShell’s USB functionality (to copy files to your Vita from your PC)
  • VitaShell quit on me when I tried to open a JPG file stored on my computer but I was able to open it just fine after copying it over to my Vita (ux0).
  • ‘usbhostfs_pc.exe’ didn’t work when I put it in the root directory of my hard drive (C:\)

Do keep in mind that this is the first release and according to the Cpasjuste, host0 support was only implemented in VitaShell version 1.75 (the current version of

VitaShell) so bugs are bound to be present.

How do I install it?

The expected error message I got when I tried using VitaShell’s USB functionality

Installation is somewhat simple if you’re a little knowledgeable on how to install drivers on Windows:

  • Copy the “usbhostfs.skprx” to ux0:/tai or ur0:/tai.
  • Add the plugin to KERNEL section of taiHEN’s config.txt (example directories are “ux0:/tai/usbhostfs.skprx” and “ur0:/tai/usbhostfs.skprx”).
  • Reboot your Vita and connect it to your computer.
  • Go into device manager and double-click the ‘unknown device’/’PSVita’ entry.
  • Move to the ‘Driver’ tab, click ‘Update Driver’ and point it to where you extracted the driver.
  • The driver is unsigned so Windows will complain about it, you can safely tell Windows that the driver is fine. On Windows 10, you have to disable driver signature verification.
  • Open the ‘usbhostfs_pc.exe’ file on your computer. (The directory shared will be where the ‘usbhostfs_pc.exe’ is found)
  • Start VitaShell on your PSVita and profit!

    The PSVita in device manager with the plugin installed before installing the proper driver

The driver, SKPRX file (the plugin itself) and the ‘usbhostfs_pc.exe’ are all provided in the download link below!

If you find any bugs, report them to Cpasjuste on GitHub in the issues tab. The driver is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows (I tried it under Windows 7 SP1 64-bit) and there’s a compiled 64-bit Linux client as well in the archive.

Readme of USBHostFS (read it before you actually use the plugin):

USBHostFS 1.0 download link:

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