TWiLight Menu ++ Released V6.8.3 (Rev3)

The developer RocketRobz aka Robz8 has released in two days a new version of  TWiLight Menu ++ 6.8.3 (rev3)  for DS / DSi / 3DS / 2DS devices . As the official Github page mentions, TWiLight Menu ++ is an open source update / replacement of the DSi menu and frontend for nds-bootstrap for DSi and flashcards with unique features compared to TWLoader (obsolete)

From Robz8

Starting from this version, this app has been renamed to TWiLight Menu ++ (or TWLMenu ++ for short), with DSiMenu ++ which is now the alternate name (instead of DSisionX), next to SRLoader.

Update instructions for a new version

  1. In  sd:/_nds, rename  dsimenuplusplusin TWiLightMenu
  2. Overwrite the folder  _ndson the SD root, with the new one from the .7z file.
  3. For DSi CFW users, put the folder  titlein the folder  CFW - SDNAND rooton the root of the SD card. If you are asked to overwrite, click  Yes.
  4. On 3DS, install the two CIAs in the folder cia

Instructions (No flashcards, users not CFW DSi / 3DS / 2DS)

  1. In the 7z file, extract the “_nds” folder and the “boot.nds” file to the root of the SD card.
  2. 3DS / 2DS: put it in “sd: / _ nds / dsimenuplusplus / settings.ini”:

    If you are on N3DS / N2DS, enter 3 instead of 2.

  3. 3DS / 2DS: put it in “sd: / _ nds / nds-bootstrap.ini”:
  4. Insert the .gb / .gbc / .nes / .nds folders anywhere on the SD card.
  5. Start your DSiWare game that has been launched and DSiMenu ++ will be loaded!

Instructions (no flashcards, DSi users with HiyaCFW)

  1. In the 7z file, extract the “_nds” folder and the “boot.nds” file to the root of the SD card.
  2. Extract what’s in “CFW – root SDNAND” in the root of your SD card.
  3. Insert the .gb / .gbc / .nes / .nds folders anywhere on the SD card.
  4. Start DSiMenu ++!

Instructions (No flashcards, 3DS / 2DS users)

  1. In the 7z file, extract the “_nds” and “cia” folders and the “boot.nds” file to the root of the SD card.
  2. Insert the .gb / .gbc / .nes / .nds folders anywhere on the SD card.
  3. Enable the game patch in the Luma settings if you have Luma CFW.
  4. Install all 2 CIAs in the “cia” folder. NOTE: If you are using EmuNAND, then install it also on SysNAND.
  5. IMPORTANT! : Install  DSiMenu ++ Launcher  and  launch it  . DSiMenu ++ Launcher will start DSiMenu ++ on 3DS / 2DS.
  6. Set some settings (start screen, notification LEDs, etc.) according to your preferences.
  7. Select “Start DSiMenu ++”.

List of games that work from the SD card

A list is available at this address


v6.8.3 rev3

  • Various bug fixes of version 6.8.2


  • DSiWare saves are now correctly created with a FAT12 header added at the beginning. Now some DSiWare games should no longer give a “damaged save” message, or start successfully instead of showing  The save data could not be read.

Problem resolution

  • If nds-bootstrap is set to be used on flashcards, when starting GBARunner2 it will start directly, instead of using the flashcard kernel / firmware to boot it.

v6.8.1 rev2

  • Fixed the problem in  settings.ini, if TWiLight Menu ++ is executed by flashcards.

Bug fix (Rev 01)

  • nds-bootstrap.ini it is now saved on flashcards, if TWiLight Menu ++ is executed from there.


  • If TWiLight Menu ++ is executed from the SD card, when starting a game with nds-bootstrap on flashcards, the nds-bootstrap settings on the SD card will be synchronized with the settings on the flashcard.
  • the nds-bootstrap version is now shown on flashcards.

Bug fixes

  • When you access the flashcard directly from TWiLight Menu ++ on the SD card, when you try to access the settings screen, it will start if it does not exist on the flashcard.
  • The Box Art path will always be that of the SD card, even when accessing the flashcard directly.


  • ???
  • The Bootstrap build has been added as a game setting!


  • The  improved SD code of  profi200  used in fastboot3DS and the NDMA code of  @ shutterbug2000  and  @ahezard  used in nds-bootstrap are now used to slightly increase the SD readings.
  • Optimized loading of the image .bmp, so the box art will load a little faster.

Problem resolution

  • Fixed the problem of the last ROM path played when entering the settings and, consequently, will remain in the main menu.


  • The main menu can now be set to be hidden in the settings screen. (Required by w0nd3rb0yfx and AmandaRose)
  • Main menu: Pictochat and DS Download Play now start directly without restart. (Fixed by NoCash included to solve wireless communication problems for both apps.) Enter the following in  sd:/_nds: –  pictochat.nds–  dlplay.ndsThis is not required for DSi users with Hiya, as they should already be able to use them.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed DSi and 3DS problems that did not work (locked on the white screen) for flashcard users.
  • For flashcard users, it should no longer be stuck on the screen  Now the DSi and 3DS themes.


  • A main menu now appears before the ROM menu! It has the appearance of the original DS firmware menu. ROM of last execution (with box art shown on the top screen), along with Pictochat, DS Download Play (if both are installed) and GBARunner2 (GBA mode on DS Phat / Lite console), can be launched. The yellow arrow is to proceed to the ROM selection menu.
  • The sound correction option was removed because it caused problems with some games. If you’ve enabled audio correction in the past, open  sd:/_nds/nds-bootstrap.iniand set  SOUND_FIXto  0.
  • Added option to not show the AP message again for a specific game. When the game starts, if the message is displayed, press X to proceed with the launch and no longer display the message.


  • MHGen (Acekard theme)  menu_bg.bmpsolved by Vulpes-Vulpeos.

Bug fixes

  • Sonic Classic Collection and Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth will no longer show the AP message, as they do not require AP patches.
  • For some users, the soft-reset of the game will no longer have the sound turned off.


  • As a result of sound correction turned off, the sound frequency setting will not persist during sound restoration.

Known bug

  • When starting a game on a flashcard, if TWiLight Menu ++ is run from the console SD card, after the ROM path has been saved, it can not be changed and will need to be manually removed from  settings.inito  sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu.


  • Themes DSi, 3DS and R4: now you can press B on the AP patch message, if shown for your game, to skip the game start.

Bug fixes

  • .launcharg done with launcharggen no longer causes the screen to stop   Now Loading....
  • The DSi splash now works at the right speed.


  • DSi users with HiyaCFW: Do you miss the DSi splash that is shown at startup, now that it is set to replace the system menu? Well, starting with this version, DSi splash has been transferred and slightly modified by @ApacheThunder’s NTR Launcher   and, just like in the original system menu, will be shown once for each boot. To see the DSi splash, turn it on in the HiyaCFW settings.
  • The RocketRobz logo has been added to the lower screen on the app’s home screen.
  • the files .launcharghave a new look! Inside one would  sd:/title/000300##/########/content/, but now it is reduced to  sd:/title/000300##/########/, as the app now adds the last half to the fly. If you have  .launchargexisting s on the SD card, just delete it  content/000000##.appat the end using a text editor, leaving the result abbreviated.
  • The most well-known games with AP measurements will now show a message that says AP-patches of the ROM when trying to launch it.

Bug fixes

  • The new look .launchargshould no longer cause a Guru meditation error, unless the particular app does not exist on SDNAND.
  • Fixed some DSi system apps (like the DSi camera) in the .nds format that were started as homebrews (not working) instead of through Unlaunch.
  • The .launchargDSi system apps  in DS mode will no longer show per-game settings (not tested with the Acekard theme).
  • DSi / 3DS theme: fixed the game icon was not displayed in the deletion and in the screens  cannot be launched.
  • Theme DSi / 3DS: on flashcards, it should no longer be blocked on the screen Now Loading...

Known bug

  • Because of the new appearance of the files  .launcharg, the reading code  .launchargis unchanged, since I do not know the Acekard theme code and, consequently, the  .launchargs are now not combinable in the Acekard theme.


  • Now you can have TWiLight Menu ++ go to SysNAND Launcher (aka System Menu) instead of SDNAND! Useful if you are receiving the error on the screen  An error has occurred.In the settings screen, you need to set which .app file is set as  LAUNCHERin the Unlaunch menu. To check, press POWER, hold down A, then highlight  LAUNCHER. The .app name will be shown at the bottom of the screen.

Problem resolution

  • The Acekard theme will no longer delete your DSiWare .nds save file when trying to start it.


  • Use a new feature in Unlaunch 1.8, you no longer need to press and hold X to start DSiWare in the .nds format!
  • DSi users: Now you can launch DSiWare .nds files from a flashcard supported in the Acekard theme! Requires SD and Unlaunch access.
  • Acekard Theme: A message is now displayed when trying to start DSiWare on 3DS and GBARunner2 without BIOS GBA.
  • Theme R4: GBARunner2 (second icon in the menu) no longer starts without the GBA BIOS.

Problem resolution

  • Fixed the menu and system settings of SDNAND and .launchargs did not work in Unlaunch 1.8. You need HiyaCFW  hiya.dsi(previously  bootcode.dsi) on the root of the SD card.


  • A message will now be shown, if nds-bootstrap (depending on Release or Nightly) or GBA BIOS (for GBARunner2) are not found. (It does not apply to the Acekard theme.)
Old versions View


  • Overwrite the folder  _ndsin the SD card, with the new one from the .7z file.
  • On 3DS, install the two CIAs in the folder  cia.



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