TUG V1.0 Released: A USB GUI For Tinfoil

The nxmango developer has released the first version of a new application for Nintendo Switch called TUG. TUG is a simple GUI made with PyQt5 that allows you to choose a folder, view the .nsp files it contains and send / install them on Nintendo Switch, making it easier for users to use USB Install (usb_install_pc.py) on Tinfoil.

Instructions for Windows:

  1. Download and install Python 3 from  https://www.python.org/downloads/
  2. Download Zadig from  https://zadig.akeo.ie/  .
  3. With your Nintendo Switch connected and on the Tinfoil USB setup menu, select “List all devices” under the options menu in Zadig and select USB libnx communications.
  4. Choose libusbK from the list of drivers and click on the “Replace driver” button.
  5. Go to Tinfoil> Title Management> USB Install NSP
  6. Double-click on tug.pyw

MacOS instructions:

  1. Install Homebrew from  https://brew.sh
  2. Install Python 3 from  https://www.python.org/downloads/
    • sudo mkdir / usr / local / Frameworks
    • sudo chown $ (whoami) / usr / local / Frameworks
    • brew installs python
  3. Install PyUSB
    • pip3 installs pyusb
  4. Install libusb
    • brew install libusb
  5. Connect your Switch and go to Tinfoil> Title Manager> USB Install NSP
  6. Double-click on tug.pyw


  • Select a folder

All .nsp files will be displayed under the “Select folder” button

  • Send header (Tinfoil> Manage titles> USB Install NSP)

Report an error if you can not connect to the Nintendo Switch




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