SX OS V2.6 Beta Released: Adds Support For Firmware 7.X

The Xecuter Team has released a new update of SX OS with the new version 2.6 which is compatible with the 7.x firmware. Here is the official changelog:

This new SX OS 2.6 BETA adds full support for the Nintendo Switch 7.x firmware, including ALL the features you expect when using our product. We have been pioneers of our unique and proprietary solution to defeat any future firmware protection and are quite satisfied with the results so far.

This version is marked as BETA because we have changed things drastically to simplify future firmware updates and some things may inadvertently behave differently.

This does not mean that it was not controlled at all, so give it a shot today!

Of course, we didn’t sit idly behind the scenes. Many of our development and attention resources have been dedicated to bringing SX OS to those “inaccessible” switches. We are working hard to bring the SX operating system experience to all those who are stuck with a “non-editable” NINTENDO SWITCH. Stay tuned for more news!

Download  (you need to change the dns server on your browser to view this page or use the site )



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