The Xecuter Team still amazes us with the release of SX installer with version 1.2 with a series of “bug fixes” and a ton of improvements.

What is and how it works

This complete app takes care of installations and much more! In fact, a manual is being prepared together with screenshots and detailed information on how to best use all the features we have included.

This manual will be available on our page of  the SX portal  when it is completed, in the meantime we have opened a special ”  support forum  ” for the app and we decided to release it now, to have it in the hands of our loyal SX users of the operating system in so you can immediately start enjoying the many features and features it has to offer.

Basically, in its core,  SX Installer  is an advanced NSP installation program, which allows you to simply list, view, in one step, automatically install all your NSPs, along with game updates and DLC packages, and these can be searched and acquired from many locations, including: FTP, HTTP, NUT Server (separate app on PC), SD, USB HDD and NAND. SX Installer  has the ability to directly launch XCI games and even launch your “Classic Retro” game ROMs for various installed emulators and, of course, your favorite homebrew apps. It even has an integrated file browser!


To begin, unzip the downloaded file  sxinstaller.zip  and move all contents to the root of your SD card. The “sx.nro” ​​file must be stored in / switch / sx /


  • Possibility to show titles in table view or icon cover view.
  • Installs NSP from FTP, HTTP, NUT, SD, USB HDD and NAND.
  • Ignore the firmware requirements during installation.
  • Ability to append multiple security installations.
  • Possibility to search for titles.
  • Ability to list and delete tickets.
  • Possibility to export all the title keys installed on the system.
  • Ability to overclock to install faster in some situations.
  • Translation of the user interface in 12 languages.
  • Meta-data translation title in 12 languages.
  • Download and view game graphics (Internet connection required).
  • Ability to list, view and delete application records (allows you to imperceptibly uninstall a DLC or an update)
  • Possibility to list the installed titles and start them (the launch is only 5.x and below)
  • Possibility to list XCI mounts and launch automatically (launch is 5.x and below)
  • Ability to list and install new games available, with the ability to install all new games
  • Ability to automatically install the latest patch and all DLCs with a game.
  • Ability to protect users from accidental execution of unsigned code by damaging blocking the installation of all unsigned codes, unless explicitly enabled.
  • Ability to list and install the latest updates available for your games, with the ability to install all updates
  • Ability to list and install the latest DLC available for your games, with the option to install all the DLC
  • Ability to list all incomplete installations (such as when the SD is corrupted or exchange SD cards without copying data), with the option to reinstall all of them.
  • Ability to list and start NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBA, SMS, SG, SCD, GG and SG1000 RetroArch games.
  • List and launch the Homebrew apps
  • File browser that lets you browse file systems, delete files (SD only) and copy files (only SD writing is writable)


  • Fixed rescues of games that did not back up subdirectories
  • Resolved the saving of the game saving.
  • Fix the Installations of the nut server.
  • Fixed touch screen on some screens.
  • Reduced memory consumption by ~ 30%.
  • Better stability of USB nut installations.
  • Improved usbhdd stability.
  • Added hexadecimal viewer to file browser.
  • Added the ability to download eShop games installed on NSP (ftp, usbhdd, SD).
  • Please be aware that games larger than 4 GB can not be downloaded to fat32 file systems.
  • Improvements to the overall stability of the system to improve the user experience.


sx.xecuter.com  (you need to change the dns server on your browser to view this page or use hide.me )


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