[SWITCH] Released Xash3d-Switch V0.1.0: Half Life Arrives On Nintendo Switch

Valve’s first-life shot, half-life, comes on Nintendo Switch with xash3d-switch thanks to the developer Datamats.xash3d-switch is an open source implementation of goldsrc (it’s a heavily modified version of the Quake engine licensed by id Software), the engine on which Half-Life was performed 1. Players take on the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman, who must exit the Black Mesa research facility after an experiment has gone wrong, fighting enemies and solving puzzles This port has some minor startup bugs due to the slow operations of the SD card. We recommend using it with caution.

Installation guide:

  1. Download the file at the end of the article and insert the file nro in the folder /switch
  2. Get a half-life copy that includes resources from the original menu and tackles huge problems with the menu trying to load resources over and over again.
  3. Create a folder  xash3din the root of your SD card and copy the valvegame folder  .

Xash3D should now be launched, it will take a couple of seconds to load the assets needed to display the menu and you should be able to play!




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