[SWITCH] Released Nx-Hbloader V2.0.1

Small “bug fix” update for nx-hbloader directly from fincs and the official  repository  The file is released from version 2.0.0 as an nsp file by abandoning the NRO extension. As a reminder nx-hbloader is a host process for loading NRO files for the home switches of the Nintendo Switch console.



  • Fixed issue with crashing some games in 5.0.0+, where the title supports automatic video recording via the nacp.


  • Now it supports running as an application with access to all ~ 3.2 GB of RAM reserved for applications, while being backwards compatible with old NRO homebrews. Running as a library applet is still supported, although it only has access to 442 MB of RAM.
  • Access allowed to all FS permissions.
  • User / guest access granted to all services.
  • Access allowed to debug SVC.
  • Access disabled to core3 to resolve stability issues when using multithreaded threads in advance and load balancing.
  • Added support for the RandomSeed homebrew ABI key, which allows the NRO homebrew to use the libnx randomGet * functions without always getting the same results in a single nx-hbloader session.
  • Custom NPDM created from the source.
    • Default application type for kernel caps set to applet (2). Atmosphère users are not affected by this change, as native support for nx-hbloader automatically sets the appropriate application type.

The provided binary is an exeFS PFS0 .nsp, which can be inserted in  /atmosphere/hbl.nsp, or loaded by another method of replacing ExeFS.




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