[SWITCH] NX-Shell V1.05 Released: First Stable Version

Joel16 a very active developer on most of the console hacking scene, has released a new update with the first stable version of NX-Shellfor the Nintendo Switch console.NX-Shell is based on the 3DShell program released some time ago on the 3DS console, a file manager able to copy or move folders, delete files, view images etc. In this new update the integrated PDF reader has been updated and can view PDFs in landscape mode, as well as save and load the last open page. The left stick moves the page and the right stick zooms in / out. The dark theme is now also supported and with L / R you can browse ten pages at a time. The images in the image viewer are automatically adapted to the screen size and can be enlarged with the right stick. The music player plays the next song if the directory is not empty and the player can be locked with “more” so that no buttons go to the next track (as in the 3DS). The levers also let you scroll quickly and the status bar displays the battery status and the charging status. Incidentally, there were also some bug fixes.

This is a fairly important version. If you are upgrading to this version from a previous version, we recommend that you delete the / switch / NX-Shell / folder before installing this update. Future updates will be handled automatically.


  • Delete files and folders.
  • Copy / move files and folders.
  • Rename files and folders.
  • Create folders.
  • View the file size. (ATM files only)
  • Image viewer (PNG / JPG / GIF / BMP)
  • Extract .ZIP file.
  • Sort options (Sort by name, date, size).
  • Dark theme toggle.
  • Audio playback (The following formats are supported: MP3, OGG, WAV and MOD)
  • Touch screen.
  • Ebook reader.

Features v 1.05 (first stable version)

  • Use hardware acceleration of the GPU.
  • It is possible to switch to the internal functions of FS to display the directory list.
  • Added configuration version to configuration files – If a new version is found where the configuration file needs to be changed, it will be automatically deleted and regenerated.
  • Replaced the executable icon with something darker with a friendly theme.
  • Local time is now supported.
  • View file permissions in properties.
  • View the storage bar for the mounted device in progress. (some devices / mounting points do not have this)
  • Allows the user to browse other user partitions from the menu bar. (You can do very little at this time, since it seems that the FS functions are blocked by their use).
  • Blocks the applet during the write / cut / copy / delete jobs.
  • Added an “More …” button in the file options.
    • Added an “Update” button to update the directory list.
    • Added a “New file” button to create an empty file.
    • Added a button to set the archive bit in the controlled directories or in the currently highlighted / selected directories. – This 
      function is being processed. Do not  use it with important directories unless you know what you are 
      doing. This function is only accessible if “Developer Options” is enabled.
  • Added new options in Call settings “Developer options”. If this option is set, any FS function that fails to execute correctly will be recorded in a file called debug.log, which can be found in /switch/NX-Shell/debug.log.
  • Improve book reader controls in landscape mode (right / left right stick should zoom in / out in landscape mode)


  • Fixes the last saved directories that are not read correctly due to spaces in their names.
  • Corrects automatic scrolling when you select a checkbox.
  • Fixed output button (MORE) in the music player, image viewer and settings.
  • The book reader no longer displays the status bar after each page. It is displayed only when zooming or if the screen is touched in the center or outside touch area depending on the orientation.
  • Many changes…..

Features v 1.04 beta 5

  • Book Reader: update the mupdf submodule with the latest changes and correct the generated font objects.
  • Book reader: added horizontal page layout.
  • Book reader: upload / save the last page of the open book.
  • Added scrolling using the left / right stick.
  • Image viewer: automatically resize images based on their height.
  • Book Reader: Improve book reader controls (left stick to move page position and right stick to zoom in / out).
  • Image viewer: zoom using the right stick.
  • Book reader: use only the dark background when the dark theme is activated.
  • Music player: continue to play the next audio file if the directory is not empty.
  • Book reader: R / L keys to change multiple pages (10).
  • Displays the percentage of the battery and the state of charge on the status bar.
  • Music Player: Adds the lock feature to prevent the use of the Forward / Back buttons. (Use the plus button to change this)
  • Use L / R to navigate the cursor in OSK.


  • Corrects the color of the progress bar in the dark theme.
  • Corrects the highlighted OSK color.
  • Corrects “B” which causes the update when trying to browse the root directory.
  • Image viewer / Music player: allows you to compile the directory list with entries only once to avoid problems.
  • Use delta time for animation.
  • Book reader: corrects the next / previous in landscape mode.
  • Fixes the sorting options not loaded correctly by configuration.

Features v 1.03 beta 4

  • Added eBook reader from rock88. (Supports the following formats: PDF, CBZ, FB2, EPUB) -> D-PAD up / down – zoom in / out, D-PAD left / right or L / R or touch – previous / next page and circle the pad it is used to position the point of view.
  • Next / Previous now supports other music formats supported by NX-Shell and not just MP3s.
  • Gallery / Image viewer can now display successive / previous images in a workbook. (PNG / GIF / BMP / JPG only): Use D-PAD or L / R or touch.
  • The music player now supports  Shuffle  and  Repeat  . This occurs once playback of the current audio file is finished depending on the selected option.
  • Contributors who have contributed to NX-Shell are now displayed on the screen.
  • Added multi-select to delete / copy / cut. (Note that you can only select multiple items from a working directory) -> Use the “Y” button to select multiple items. Note: the menu bar is now open using the touch key or the minus key.
  • The Move option no longer copies and then deletes the folder / file. Move the object instantly and is therefore much faster than previous versions.


  • Now use the FS services to navigate in dir. (Removed the sort by date until it is available with the FS service)
  • Clean the minor code in different areas. (Is never enough)
  • Fixed the audio selection going out of bounds when you use next / previous.
  • Next / Previous can now be used by the L / R trigger buttons.

Features v 1.01:

  • Added a menu bar: use the Y button   to access it. (You can only open the settings for now, so the settings icon stays highlighted.The animation is something I tend to improve in later versions)
  • Added dark theme mode. (Can be enabled / disabled in the settings)
  • Added .ZIP extraction. (Press  A  on a zip file)
  • Added sorting options under the settings. (Sort by alphabetical order – ascending and descending order, by date (currently not working properly), by size – the smallest and largest.
  • Added support for GIF / BMP images in the image viewer. (GIFs will be displayed as a static image)

Improvements and corrections:

  • The progress bar is now displayed correctly to copy / move / extract files.
  • Many textures and internal improvements have been improved in texture management and some corrections with character alignment in certain areas.
  • Fixed the copy / move problem enabled at the same time. If you press  B  in the options dialog, you cancel the item currently in the copy / move list. Instead,  X  should be used to open / close the file options dialog. The row / column will also be restored when the B key is pressed  .
  • Free some textures that were not previously released, even the free voices once we have finished using them.




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