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Developer CelesteBlue has released StorageMgr for the PS Vita, a driver (for storage devices) that lets you handle SD2Vita, PSVSD, as well as internal and external (usb) storage support smoothly.

This goes without saying, but this plugin requires a hacked PS Vita. Specifically, CelesteBlue mentions that it requires Enso or Taihenkaku. It is also compatible with PSTV.

If you were juggling with incompatibilities of the various storage options (in particular PSVSD vs SD2Vita) on your hacked console, this plugin will be for you. From the project’s readme:

StorageMgrKernel is a kernel plugin that automatically mounts/redirects any storage device on any mount points you want.

What are its advantages ?

  • It is configurable through a config file (an app could be made)
  • It is a ALL-IN-ONE Storage driver as it replaces usbmc.skprx and gamesd.skprx
  • It fixes many issues in previous drivers
  • It works well with taiHENkaku or enso

Download and use StorageMgr for PSVita

You can download StorageMgr from the developer’s github here. To install and use (from the official readme):

  1. Copy storagemgr_config.txt to ur0:tai/.
  2. Copy storagemgr.skprx to ur0:tai/.
  3. If it exists, copy ux0:tai/config.txt to ur0:tai/config.txt
  4. If it exists, remove ux0:tai/config.txt.
  5. In ur0:tai/config.txt after *KERNEL create a new line and write: ur0:tai/storagemgr.skprx
  6. Configure ur0:tai/storagemgr_config.txt to what you want.
  7. Reboot PSVita.

Source: CelesteBlue

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