[PSVITA]Rilasciato Vita Save Manager Plus V4.0.0

From a fork of life-savmgr developed by d3m3vilurr  and to enrich HENkaku Ensō 3.60 / 3.65 by the developer Kylon comes Vita Save Manager Plus.Vita Save Manager Plus allows to dump and restore the salvages of the PSVITA and the change of the rescue directory , a very useful function in case of restoration of our portable console


L / R – To change folder (GAMES / SAVES) 
Triangle – Open menu


  1. Backup of the backups as decrypted or encrypted
  2. Collective backup of all your rescues
  3. Delete all your backups in bulk
  4. Restore encrypted and decrypted saves
  5. Change savefile region
  6. other characteristics..


Information about encrypted saves: they
are intact and you can restore them as it is,  ie you  do not need to start the game.

Information on the option to change the region:

  • Most games use the same save “structure” for any region, but not all.
  • The zone change is 100% safe and reversible, unless I / O errors occur 
  • If the save does not work, the game uses a slightly different rescue structure (or the ID entered is wrong).

Information on “orphan” rescues:

  • Save games that are not installed on your system.
  • You can back up and restore them. (For example, games that require a rescue of the predecessor to unlock things)


  •  Removed the touch controls
  • Removed the list mode
  • Removed ini config
  • Changed the location of the saves in date / lifeSaveManager
  • Change the title ID of the app (you can keep both this and the original)
  • Automatically replace ACCOUNT_ID in param.sfo (# 75)
  • Added my Save page
  • Added menu (Save all / delete all)
  • Added the save region modification option
  • It supports encrypted and decrypted rescues
  • Support for orphan rescues
  • Code cleaning and optimization
  • More … See the git log




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