[PSVITA] Released PKGJ V0.44

New year and first update for 2019 for the most downloaded tool and the most sought after on PSVITA, we are talking about PKGJ that comes with a new version 0.44 from blastrock.PKGJ is a fork of PKGI and compared to the original version, this version queues  more downloads, supports  the TSV file format, supports updates, DLC and PSP / PSX / PSM games and creates the ux0: patch folder during the installation of the first update, if it still does not exist. As a reminder pkgj is similar a freeshop that allows you to install original pkg files on your Life without using a PC thanks to the NoNpDrm plugin   .


  • an easy way   to view the list of available downloads, including search, filtering and sorting.
  • standalone  , no PC required, everything happens directly on Vita.
  • automatic download   and decompression, just choose an object and it will be installed, including the bubble in the live area.
  • resumes the  interrupted download, you can stop the download at any time, switch from one application to another and return from the point where it was interrupted.

Differences with PKGi:

  • queue  multiple downloads.
  • supports  the TSV file format
    • installs game  updates, DLC, PSM, PSP and PSX games.

Current limitations:

  • no downloads in the background  – if the application is closed or Vita is put into the suspended state, the download will stop.


Using the application is quite simple. Select the item you want to install and press X. To sort / filter / search, press triangle. The shortcut menu will open. Press the triangle button again to confirm the choices made in the menu. Or press O to cancel the changes you’ve made. Press the left or right button to move the page up or down.



  • Now you can download the latest patch of the selected game. The minimum version of firmware required will take into account the latest patch.
  • You can now cancel the installation of the basic compatibility or patch package independently
  • There is no longer any need to keep the URLs in the configuration file. The default URLs have been set, however it is possible to overwrite them in the configuration file.
  • pkgj now works when there are no configuration files

Bug fixes:

  • Repeating the buttons when you hold down a button on the game view is now correct
  • Fixed an error while downgrading to the basic compatibility package


  • The database is now stored as a simple file, the update has become much faster
  • When you install a basic compatibility package, the rePatch directory is no longer deleted, to keep potential custom patches installed by the user


  • When you’re in Japanese mode, Or now it works to confirm in the game view
  • Small size of the game viewing window to show the progress bar

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the cancellation of the DLC and PSP and PSX games


Bug fixes:

  • Fix the crash if ur0: app does not exist


  • Now you can filter the installed games
  • When changing modes, the list scrolls upward


  • Bug fixes:
  • Fixed installation of DLC and PSX games

v0.38 BETA

  • There is a new window when you click on a game that simplifies the installation of games and compatibility packages
  • Added a diagnosis on the installation of the game that helps detect the mismatch of the game version / compatibility package
  • Canceling the download is now more responsive

Functionality removed:

  • PKGj can no longer download game updates because they are obsolete. Use the livery to update your games.


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