PSVita Homebrew, install PKGi –

A new PSVita homebrew, PKGi, has been published on GitHub by mmozeiko. The code is open source and installs the .pkg files directly from the console with your NoNpDRM fake license files.

The program requires you to create your own NoNpDRM keys, but all that would be needed to make this a tool for Pirates is a website that hosts keys and a modified version (remember, open source) to copy the remote db. file. This is also how Freeshop for the 3DS works.

Currently DLC/Updates are not supported, but installed Titles can be directly updated from the LiveArea.


There are installation instructions on the GitHub page at

It is a bit confusing to install if your not very advanced, but the instructions are well explained.


Using the app is pretty easy, X to install the selected title triangle to sort, filter and search. This will open up a context menu. Press triangle again to confirm the changes, or O to cancel any changes.



As you can see, the first screenshot is of the clean looking interface and context menu, and the second is the download screen. As I said, the interface is very clean and nice looking.


That’s pretty much everything we know so far, but you can check the links below for more info.

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