[PSVITA] FuckPSSE V1.0 Released A New Plugin That Dumps PSM Games

The developer SilicaAndPina has released a new plugin for PSVITA called  FuckPSSE . The plugin in question allows you to dump the PlayStation Mobile games on PSVita and decrypt them.During this operation once you play a PSM game, the screen turns RED. While the screen is RED the game files are dumped (There is no progression indicator). Once finished, the screen turns GREEN (to end the operation) at this point you can close the game. The data is saved in the ux0 folder: / PSM / <TITLEID> / Documents / Application / usable with PSM Simulator (renaming the original .edata file).

What will enable:

1) Changes to the game / PSM applications 
2) Control of game files / PSM applications 
3) Running games / PSM retail applications in PSM Simulator 
4) Reverse engineering of PSM games / applications 
5) Probably even more things 
6) Run Games PSM Retail in the PSM developer’s app (LOL)

What will not enable

1) Emulation of PSVITA games 
2) Run PSM games without a license (the dumper requires you to RUN the game) 
3) PSM Dev or PSM Unity applications.

Installation Guide

  • Download the file at the end of the article
  • Insert the file inside the ux0: tai or ur0: tai folder
  • Add ux0: tai / FuckPSSE.suprx under * ALL in the config.txt file
  • Example:

* ALL 
ux0: tai / FuckPSSE.suprx





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