[PSVITA] Adrenaline Released Bubble Manager V5.14

The  OneLua team  has released a new version 5.14 of  Adrenaline Bubble Manager  , the latest release dates back to the end of August. Adrenaline Bubble Manager facilitates the installation and use of the LMAN plugin, adrbblbooter , which allows you to start any ISO \ CSO game \ PBP \ PSOne from a PSP bubble customizes on the LiveArea without starting Adrenaline. Also you can create / organize and customize the bubbles, add the lines of the automatic plugin of the GameID in the config.txt of taihen and also creates the GAMEID.TXT file. The new version adds a set of PSP / PSX images for creating bubbles, the description of the option to the submenu 
and the custom option Adrenaline enable / disable in the ABM submenu


  1. Install Adrenaline v6.7.  Make sure that Adrenaline works correctly, to start Adrenaline by opening it only once, it is strongly recommended to add the following line below the kernel line in ur0: tai / config.txt. 
    * KERNEL 
    ux0: app / PSPEMUCFW / sce_module / adrenaline_kernel.skprx
  2. After you take care of step 1, you can start using Adrenaline Bubbles Manager to create bubbles for your PSP / PSX content.


Adrenaline Bubbles Manager recognizes the accept / cancel buttons based on the console region.

Selection screen for content iso / cso / pbp

Create bubbles

  • L / R:  to change the appearance of the bubble in Livearea (original icon appearance / elongated icon appearance)
  • Left / Right:  to change the background color of the bubble for the selected content (when using the original unmelted size icons, 17 colors available).
  • Square:  multiple selection.
  • Start:  Opens the Extra Settings menu (sets the default bubble color, sorting list, adrenaline version control, Adrenaline Bubbles Manager version control).
  • X:  Create bubbles.
  • O:  Configure / Edit bubbles.

Extra settings

This option allows you to set some preferences as default for ABM such as:

  • Set the sort order of iso / cso / pbp.
  • Select the default color for your bubbles.
  • Enable / disable ABM updates.
  • Control of the adrenaline version. 
    This option disables / enables ABM to control the version of Adrenaline you have installed in your PS Vita.



If Adrenaline.vpk is updated online with a higher version used by ABM, you will need to disable this option to avoid reinstalling the adrbblbooter plugins in the PSPEMUCFW folder every time you open ABM.

Changing the bubbles

Triangle:  change the configuration file boot.inf 
Change driver: “INFERNO”, “MARCH33”, “NP9660” 
Change the boot mode .bin: “EBOOT.BIN”, “BOOT.BIN”, “EBOOT.OLD ” 
Disable / Enable plugin:” ENABLE “,” DISABLE “

Uninstall the Bubbles

  • Press select (for single bubbles) or start (all) to select the bubbles you want to uninstall.
  • Square: to uninstall the selected bubbles.

Insert images

This option lets you insert the desired images in the selected bubble, which will improve the appearance of your bubbles in Livearea.

To use this function you must follow the instructions below:

  1. Download or create images to insert, those images to be used must be renamed and resized to:
  • icon0.png 128 × 128
  • startup.png 262 × 125
  • pic0.png 960 × 544
  • bg0.png 840 × 500
  1. Create a new folder, rename everything you want, we recommend using the name of the game, in this folder places the images created in step 1.
  2. Copy / paste the newly created folder with the images inside the ux0 path: ABM /


Make sure that the images are renamed as above and that they are in png format, also make sure that the images are resized with the corresponding dimensions (if the dimensions of the images are close to the specifications will work). 
You can add your own template.xml file. (Make sure the image names are the same as the images linked in the template.xml).

To insert new images in any selected bubble, when in the Edit Bubble menu:

  • X:  to open the image folder list.

In the image folder list:

  • X:  to choose the folder in which to insert the images to be inserted (the preview of the images will be shown).
  • O:  to go back.

After choosing a folder, you can see the thumbnails of the images: 
–  O:  To go back.

  • START:  insert preview images in the chosen bubble.



  • Use the Default Title option added to the submenu (START) to enable the renaming process jump.
  • Now when you create 2 or more bubbles you will have to rename all the bubbles before the creation process starts.
Old versions View
  • Adrenaline Bubble Booter By LMAN ‘leecherman’
  • eCFW Adrenaline By TheFloW.
  • PBOOT icon and livearea icon By Freakler.
  • Tester @ Falaschi , @ baltazarregala4.
  • Some graphics By WZ-JK.




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