PSV VSH Menu v1.1 – Save CPU/GPU –

Ah, the nostalgia is strong in this one. As most of you would have guessed, the PSV VSH Menu is a VSH menu for the PS VITA/VITA TV. The VSH Menu was a custom menu running on PSP CFW’s that allowed you to do things like overclocking/underclocking, changing ISO drivers, booting into recovery etc. all under one menu. The VITA alternative aims to do the same but follows the steps of Ultimate VSH Menu for PSP. Ultimate VSH menu had extended options such as minor customization, and other features that aren’t found in the original menu.


The following update brings new changes that make it worth updating. The biggest focus of this release is config support. Configuring the clock speed each time for a certain game can be a pain. However, this update has finally made that a lot easier. Config support allows the user to save their current CPU/GPU clock states, which will be re-loaded once the plugin has started. Therefore the user’s previous configuration will now be saved and need not be re-configured. The next important change is the integration of VITABattery. You no longer need to have both plugins, as one can do it all. PSV VSH allows the user to enable or disable the battery percent display on the top right corner. The other two features allow the user with minimal customization options very similar to how Ultimate VSH Menu handled it, and quick-launch into essential programs like the Settings or VitaShell.




  • Control CPU/GPU clock states separately.
  • Restore configured CPU/GPU clock states, once plugin has been started.
  • Battery percent display toggle.
  • VSH Menu colours for minimal customization.
  • Quick launch Settings or VitaShell.
  • Quick Reboot/Shutdown/Suspend device in game.

Recovery features: (You need PSV VSH Recovery for this)

  • Reload tai config.
  • Back up PSN activation files.
  • Rebuild/Update database.
  • Swap enter button (X / O)



  1. Download and install the vsh_recovery.vpk if you want to use the recovery functions.
  2. Place vsh.suprx in the ux0:/tai folder.
  3. In your config.txt add:

If you want this running under all titles:


Or if you want this running under a specific title:

# titleid for your application


Then use L + R + START to bring up the menu.



Booting into the custom recovery menu requires you to have the vsh_recovery installed, and you must quit the game/application to enter that menu. If you do find any issues feel free to discuss in our /talk’s thread, or you can directly submit them to my GitHub’s issue tracker. If you wish to support my development, then I’d appreciate a coffee 🙂



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