PS4 WebKit Exploit Port for Firmware 5.03 by Thierry – bán ps4 hack (

Following the 5.01 PS4 WebKit Exploit and 5.50 PS4 WebKit Exploit Rewrite, today @thierry passed along word on Twitter that he ported qwertyoruiop‘s PlayStation 4 v5.50 Userland Exploit to 5.03 Firmware with details below. :geekxf2:

Download: / GIT

To quote from the README.mdPS4 WebKit Exploit for Firmware 5.03


A port of the PS4 5.50 WebKit exploit by qwertyoruiopz. Port possible thanks to the offsets from the 5.01 PoC by Alex and qwertyoruiopz’s gadget finder code included in the exploit.

It should work for firmwares 5.01 – 5.05 but the gadget offsets might need to be changed for the other versions.


  • Added a check to not list the current and parent directory directories when browsing the browser directories


PS4 WebKit Exploit Port for Firmware 5.03 by Thierry.jpg

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