[PS4] Released PS4 PKG Store

After the update of PS4 Remote Package Installer by the developer FlatZ, many users and developers have developed the code to simplify the procedures of “injection” of various homebrews.One of these is PS4 PKG Store by the developer Joaquin Salih (aka toxxic407) .PS4 PKG Store presents itself as a simple static frontend for the remoteinstallation  of  PKG files such as homebrews, emulators etc. using the Flatz method. The store is available at this address  https://tgi-12-2.de/



  • You can find the IP of your PS4 in: 
    Settings (on PS4) ==> System ==> System Information


You can use your packages by creating a file like this , hosting as an API (CORS-enabled) on a platform like myjsonand entering the direct link to the file in the pkglink field on the settings page . The information required for each pkg is titleid, contentid, the type of package (game, patch, ac, theme), the name, a direct link to an icon and a link for direct download or multiple direct download links for the fpkg file. titleid, contentid, icons and type can be found using ps4database.io


  • The first versions of the remote pkg installer are not compatible with this website due to CORS.
  • The PS4 and the device that accesses this page must be on the same network!
  • If there are no packages shown, something is probably wrong with your pkglink! You need to install the remote package installer program    on your PS4 and run it while using this website! You need to run this payload on your PS4 every time before using this page.

Github and psxhax

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