PS4 Firmware update 5.00 hỗ trợ tiếng việt (

After a short Beta period, the latest PS4 Firmware, version 5.00, has been released.

There’s no major surprise: the features of this firmware had been known since the Beta announce, including better support for family profiles, improvements in friends management, more broadcast features, some new tournament options, and support for more languages.

Today however Sony emphasized two new features for PS4 5.00 on their blog: Team tournaments, and a new option to “follow anyone”.

From my perspective the most exciting features of this firmware are probably the improved family profiles and mini menus. As always, the main impact of firmware updates to me is that I have to wait for 45 minutes instead of playing, and this gets old pretty fast.

While I’m sure there is a bit of something for everyone in this update, I don’t see it as a massive or groundbreaking change. Then again, the PS4 system is now pretty mature, so maybe there’s no need for something big.

PS4 Firmware 5.00 is a compulsory update to keep using online features and remote play.

What features of PS4 5.00 are you excited about? What features are you still expecting for a future Sony update?

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