PS3Xploit 3.0 “HAN” released, compatible with all PS3s on firmwares 4.81/4.82 – chep game ps3 (

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Owners of PS3 Slim and SuperSlim, the wait is over: the team behind PS3Xploit have released version 3.0 of the tools, and it comes with a homebrew enabler (named HAN for etHANol, and in reference to the typical acronym HEN for Homebrew ENabler), which is compatible with all models of PS3. This includes models of Slim and superslim which for a long time had been believed to be unhackable.

The release happens after Sony have recently shown they are progressively dropping support of the PS3, in favor of newer generation consoles.

In short, HAN is a series of tools that lets you re-sign PS3 packages on one hand, and run those resigned packages on the console on the other hand. Technically, this will let you run unsigned PS3 backups as well as PSP/PS1/PS2 games from within the PS3’s embedded emulators.

It seems actual homebrew are supported by embedding them within a PS2 package file, although details in the release information are sparse on that topic. Expect more details soon as all PS3 tinkerers try to run their favorite build of Multiman or other tools.

In order to run HAN, besides a PS3, you’ll need an active PSN account. The developers recommend to *not* use your regular PSN account. From the release thread:

PS3Xploit Tools v3.0 is a suite of 6 tools supporting both official firmware versions 4.81 & 4.82. The only pre-requirement to use HAN is to have an activated PSN user account. It’s recommended not to use your main PSN account but rather a spare one. The principle behind HAN is quite simple, due to a vulnerability in the way npdrm content is managed, it is possible to resign game related files with custom keys, patch vsh & install resigned pkg from XMB.

Download PS3Xploit for PS3 4.81/4.82

All files are hosted on

Details on how to use each tool of this hacking suite can be found at the source below.

Source: psx-place

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