PS Vita firmware 3.67 ra mắt –

A few hours ago, Sony released PS Vita firmware 3.67. This is a surprising update given that the console is basically not supported by the company anymore. The last firmware update, version 3.65, was released more than 6 months ago.

The official site does not mention the update yet, so it’s unknown what this new firmware actually brings (update: see tweet from Yifanlu below). However we can probably expect yet another cryptic changeling mentioning “more stability”, which would imply vulnerabilities might have been patched.

Some mainstream sites are mentioning that this could be an attempt at fixing piracy issues. A weird statement given that piracy requires a hacked Vita, which means firmware 3.60. Firmwares 3.61, 3.63, 3.65, and now 3.67 are not impacted with piracy, so piracy is not (directly) the reason.

It is possible however that this update patches things related to the recent psvpsftools release, or simply fixes other undisclosed issues. We’ll have to wait for some hints from scene hackers to know more. Stay tuned!

Update: PS Vita hacker Yifanlu states that the update changes minor UI details, as well as the Wifi firmware (possibly to fix the recent KRACK Wifi vulnerability?)

Today’s Vita update brings you changes to the Calendar icon, updated Twitter dialog, and new Wifi chip firmware and nothing else.

Update 2: Yifanlu has stated that the update might actually be fixing an exploit. He added that this exploit alone is not sufficient to hack the PS Vita, but would be useful once couple with other exploits (which he says he does not have). The probability of this being turned into something useful, at this point, is very low.


If you are currently on 3.65 do not update to 3.67 because it _may_ (not confirmed) have fixed an exploit.

It’s useless on its own but paired with an exploit chain, it would allow for persistence. No, I don’t have such a chain.

Source: PSVFWBot

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