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The homebrew scene on the Vita has its own fair share of game ports and obviously, that means that we’re bound to have a Tetris port or two. Thanks to developer ‘svenn’ of Wololo /talk forums, we got Tetromino, which is a great Tetris clone.


What’s Tetromino?

As its title suggests, it’s a tetris clone for the PSVita that’s presented in a pretty decent way. The game is written in Lua and is interpreted through Rinnegatamante’s Lua Player Plus; it’s based on the code for Javascript Tetris. Tetromino has the following features:

  • Different coloured Tetris pieces that are placed on a grid so that you can easily tell where they’re going.
  • A decent interface that tells you your highscore, score, amount of lines you’ve cleared and the level (not sure what the developer means here).
  • Description of what the controls do (only START/SELECT till now) and a battery indicator. Hopefully, another panel will be added which tells you what the circle and cross buttons do.

    Playing Tetromino!

  • A box in which you can see which will be the next piece to fall.
  • Simple controls as you’d expect them to be for  Tetris.

In my opinion, this is a pretty decent Tetris clone that can be a great way to pass a couple of minutes (or an hour if you’re really into Tetris). The developer, svenn of Wololo /talk forums, seems to still be updating the GitHub branch so hopefully, we’ll see more features in this already decent homebrew game.

How do I get it?

To download it, you just need to follow the link below, download and install the VPK via VitaShell. The homebrew is also available on VitaDB but it’s an older version that doesn’t have the better UI, the upcoming piece box and other features. If you have any issues, contact Svenn on GitHub or Wololo /talk forums.

Download link (get this until the VitaDB version gets updated) :

Wololo /talk forum link (don’t be too hard on yourself in the Features section, it’s a great homebrew!):

Originally, the game was called “Tetronimo” but it was quickly renamed to “Tetromino”, which in my opinion sounds better! The Start image on the LiveArea bubble still needs to be changed.

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