OpenLara Released For Nintendo Switch [Stable Version]

The first game of Tomb Raider was released in 1996 for PC, PlayStation and Sega Saturn, and opened the way to many other titles that follow the adventures of the famous archaeologist Lara Croft. Recently, the developer XProger has released OpenLara for Nintendo Switch, an open-source engine of the first Tomb Raider. The title can also be played on web-browsers, ios, android, windows in both first person and third person mode, and while the original game has a resolution of 30FPS, this new version is completely unlocked. Taking advantage of the hardware acceleration, the engine looks a little better than the original, but do not expect something innovative in terms of graphics. If you want to try the first Tomb Raider, all you have to do is download the zip file and follow the instructions below. What do you think?


  • STEP 1: Extract OpenLara.nacp and OpenLara.nro from the archive to “/ switch / OpenLara /” on the microSD card
  • for owners of the original PC game, PSX and Sega Saturn CD, copy data from your CD to / switch / OpenLara /
  • for Android version owners 
    unzip the data file /sdcard/obb/com.squareenix.tombraider1classic/ in / switch / OpenLara /
  • for owners of Steam / GOG versions 
    go to .. \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Tomb Raider (I) \ and run dosbox.exe
  • insert these commands 
    mount C. 
    imgmount d “. \ game.dat “-t iso -fs iso 
    xcopy D: \ DATA \ C: \ DATA \
  • then you will get the layers files in the new “DATI” folder copy them in / switch / OpenLara /

For expert users

  • Copy level and title files (PHD, PSX, PCX, PNG, RAW, SAT, SAD, SPR, SND, BIN) to “/ switch / OpenLara / level / 1 /”
  • copy the audiotrack files (track _ *. ogg, track _ *. mp3) to “/ switch / OpenLara / audio / 1 /”
  •  Open hbmenu switchbrew (Album app) and run OpenLara

To switch to two-player mode, hold down the L and R buttons on both joy-cons. 
Hold down the L and R buttons on one of the joy-cons to return to the single player mode.



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