Onemenu for PSVita –

As many of us know, Onemenu  was developed by gdljjrod with some help from DevDavisNunez to use on ARK and VHBL.

And now, thanks to Onelua Team we can enjoy it as a nice alternative to the Livearea on our PSVita or PSTV!

I know you might be thinking: but the PSVita already comes with the Livearea menu…

But if you are like me, always wanting to have a different looking menu (don’t really like the bubbles that much, love my vita anyways), then this is for you!

Just to remember a lil bit of the original Onemenu:

It separated the available psp content found at pspemu into categories PSP, PSX, HIDDEN, ZIP and HBs.

It had a nice interface with the possibility to change the theme and the position of the icon

Besides, included was a File explorer, so you can copy, move, delete, connect via ftp, etc…

On Onemenu ported for PSVita, you’ll get all those features and much more!

Now let me tell you how this port of Onemenu works!

Main menu:

Directional pad       To go back and fort on the icons list or to switch between categories.

Cross                       To select.

Circle                       To go back.

Triangle                   To open submenu for uninstalling, delete game’s manual or move app/games between partitions (ux0-ur0-uma0)

Select                      To open file explorer.

Start                        To open System Apps list.

File explorer menu:

Directional pad       To move between folders/files/options.

Cross                       To select.

Triangle                   To open explorer options submenu such as copy, move, extract, delete, rename, etc.

Select                      To go back to main menu.

Start                        To open an extra submenu with options like FTP/USB connection, shutdown, restart, reload Onemenu and advaced options (update/rebuild db, reload TaiHen config, vpk and PSP content search, install Livearea CThemes and Onemenu Themes loader).

On how to create themes you can visit this link its explained on the readme file.

Enough chit-chating, you can download Onemenu v1.00 here!

And thanks for reading!

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