NoPsmDRM plugin for the Vita released – Bypass DRM protection –

NoPsmDRM plugin for the Vita released – Bypass DRM protection –

After a little over 2 years since the PSM service completely shut down in September 2015, we got a way to re-access those games (unless you were one of the people who still had their PSM titles from many moons ago). Thanks to NoPsmDRM of ‘frangar‘, all DRM protection on PSM titles can be bypassed in a a way similar to NoNpDRM.

What exactly is NoPsmDRM?

In a few words, NoPsmDRM is a plugin that totally takes out DRM protection on PSM games so all license checks on them are completely disabled! It has the following features:

  • It has the ability to export PSM content license keys as fake licences.
  • NoPsmDRM can also bypass expiration of PSM game licenses.
  • With this plugin, you can share your PSM games across multiple devices by generating fake licenses.
  • Without a doubt, this will be used for piracy but it may be inevitable for most people to play these, otherwise lost, titles. NoPsmDRM lets you play PSM games on any activated ( PSVita/PSTV console which means you don’t have to legally own the games to actually play them. The problem is that PSM games haven’t been obtainable for over 2 years and since they’re digital downloads (congrats to online stores that shut down!), you can’t buy a used copy from somebody else so the only way to actually play them is to well.. illicitly obtain them unless you bought them over 2 years ago. Wololo does not endorse piracy in any way, shape or form and discussion of NoPsmDRM for piracy purposes shall not be discussed on Wololo /talk forums.

NoPsmDRM lets you play a new, previously lost, set of games (in a somewhat illicit fashion for most) but it has some limitations too:

  • It doesn’t allow modifications to the games/applications that you use with it.
  • You can’t run PSM games without a valid or fake license.
  • You can’t use the PSM SDK to develop new titles with right now (some people say it was easy to develop with) but frangar is working on fixing that.  (

Some, otherwise lost, PSM titles that this plugin sheds a light on again:

  • Life of Pixel

    Life of Pixel, one of the games that NoPsmDRM resurrects from the dead!

  • Super Crate Box
  • Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe
  • and many other titles. As you can see, PSM titles are sort of successors to the PSP’s minis.


Without a doubt, this plugin will mostly be used for piracy bar the legitimate use cases (such as sharing across your own devices for those who bought PSM games over 2 years ago) so it is up to you to decide what to do with it. Make sure you fully grasp how the plugin works so read the README twice before using this (it works in a similar way to NoNpDRM however). Special thanks go to motoharu, TheFlow, various beta testers and of course team Molecule for this plugin. Make sure you backup everything inside tm0 and ux0:/psm before using this plugin if you have legitimate PSM games on your Vita.


A 25 game list of PSM games for the Vita:

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