IDPS Dumper updated to support PS3 Firmware 4.82

The Team behind PS3Xploit have released an update of their IDPS Dumper, which is now compatible with firmware 4.82. It turns out Firmware 4.82 released by Sony yesterday might have less of an impact than the scene initially feared.

Additionally, and maybe more importantly, hacker bguerville has stated on psx-place that firmware 4.82 does not seem to have touched critical pieces of the PS3 firmware for the exploit, namely the kernel and webkit. He also states the exploit appears to work fine on firmware 4.82, so it might be fine to update. The team however recommends to wait for more details. As always, stay on as low a firmware as you possibly can, and don’t update to 4.82 if you don’t have to. Bguerville stated:

Kernel has not been changed & webkit hasn’t been changed either.
Exploit works fine so my guess is that it is probably safe to update however I would still wait until we know more…

With that being said, if you already updated to 4.82 for some reason, you should now be able to give a try to the IDPS dumper. With a reminder that you should not share your IDPS with anybody, as this information could be used by unscrupulous people to impersonate your PS3 on Sony’s network (and potentially get you in trouble).

As part of this update, the new version of the IDPS dumper also seems to improve speed/stability of the code, which means 4.81 owners who’ve had issues with thee tool can also try this new version.

Download PS3 IDPS Dumper 0.2.3 for 4.81/4.82

IDPS Dumper 0.2.3 for PS3 4.81/4.82 can be downloaded on the announcement page, where you’ll also find instructions on how to run the tool.

Source: psx-place

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