Fix lỗi Gta IV chơi ổ trong ps3 ( fix gta iv ps3 not working internal) –

Fix lỗi Gta IV chơi ổ trong ps3 ( fix gta iv  ps3 not working internal) –

Modified files are required to play from internal.

Follow these instructions: *The games ID has to be BLES01128 (Europe) GTA 4 Complete Edition*

-Make sure the game is installed on your internal HDD of your ps3 first obviously

1. Download the FIX package: File name:


2. If you have any install data or patches delete them.

3. Enter Multiman, use the file explorer (or press select-start on the game to go to it’s location in file explorer) locate the folder in which you store your backups (GAMES or GAMEZ) and inside the gta4 game folder look for the folder PS3_GAME and press O(Circle) and choose “shadow for PKG game ” then say yes. and wait

4. Now go into dev_hdd0/game and delete the folder BLES01128 that you just created (yes delete it)

5. With Multiman (Ftp or USB) transfer and replace the following files in the correct directories :

5.1 Replace the COMP.BIN with the modded one in this directory dev_hdd0/G/E01128/USRDIR Note: This is where I messed up the first several times as I did not notice the G folder in dev_hdd0 do not replace the COMP.BIN in the gta4 folder in your GAMES or GAMEZ directory. Also make a back up of the original, just in case.

5.2 Go to your GAMES or GAMEZ directory where you have the game folder at and replace the EBOOT.BIN with the modded one(make a copy of the original, just in case).

6. Load the game with Multiman or Other manager

7. If it doesn’t work try the FIX PERMISSIONS in Multiman

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