AppDB TOOL Released 6.0

Perhaps an application that can ‘serve for those who have a modified database on PSVITA and is afraid of losing the changes of the various icons and themes.Quella proposed by the developer kylon originally developed by  Luck  is a simple application Vpk, AppDB Tool , which is updated version 6.0.AppDB Tool comes with a simple GUI that allows you to export and import the Livearea layout, delete the database without losing the content in the LiveArea or update the database.


  • Export and import the LiveArea layout
  • Delete the database without losing the LiveArea
  • Update the database


  • Export and delete  : export your current LA layout and let the system create a new app.db
  • Export [no wipe]  : export your current LA layout
  • Import  : apply the LA backup settings to the system app.db
  • Rebuild  : enable a database update (no changes to your LA)


  • What makes this app different is that it   will NOT back up / restore your app.db!
  • It will export / import LiveArea settings, so you do not get stuck in a loop if the previous app.db has been damaged and will not lose the LA layout.

This is NOT a classic backup / restore app.db.


AppDB Tool 6.0


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