Adrenaline-6.1 released – Support for FW 3.65/3.67 has been added! –

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you know that TheFlow has been working on bringing us a FW 3.65 hack if we were already on FW 3.60. Unfortunately, FW 3.65 breaks some software however TheFlow stepped in to fix Adrenaline, the famous ePSP hack for the Vita, a few hours before releasing the FW 3.65 updater!


What is Adrenaline?

Adrenaline is an ePSP hack for the PSVita that was developed by TheFlow. It is also one of the most popular pieces of software for hacked Vita/PSTV consoles since it allows users to play PSP games and use homebrew while offering a whole slew of other features. Adrenaline has the following features:

  • Support for all PSP/PSX games, even compressed PSP ones.
  • Support for all types of homebrew including those that require 64MB of RAM
  • Save States

    As you can see, Adrenaline gives you the full XMB experience which you can further customise to your liking!

  • Plugin support
  • Ability to use different partitions for PSP files (ux0,ur0,uma0,imc0)
  • Many other features including the ability to use the right analogue stick (with appropriate game specific plugins) and internet support

What got updated in Adrenaline-6.1?

Adrenaline-6.1 brings about the following:

  • Support for firmware 3.65 and 3.67.

This release is very important for those who have gone ahead and updated to firmware 3.65 with TheFlow’s recently released CFW updater. Adrenaline-6 will not work on firmware 3.65 or 3.67 due to the different offsets needed so you must update Adrenaline before using it on these firmwares (you can only use it on hacked FW 3.65 right now)

Interestingly enough, Adrenaline-6.1 doesn’t seem to include some commits merged into the main branch after the release of Adrenaline-6. For example, the ability to shut down your Vita from the Adrenaline menu can be found in the main code branch but it isn’t included in the Adrenaline-6.1 release. If you’re on FW 3.60, Adrenaline-6.1 will work just fine but there’s no real

You’ll have to reinstall the PSP firmware files even if you had installed them before!

reason to update.

How do I install it?

Contrary to previous releases, you can’t update to Adrenaline-6.1 by going to Settings->System Update from the ePSP’s XMB. To install it, you must do the following:

  1. Download the VPK from the link below and install it on your PSVita
  2. Download the PBP file for PSP FW 6.61 and rename it to 661.PBP
  3. Copy 661.PBP to ux0:/app/PSPEMUCFW
  4. Open the Adrenaline bubble and let it do its magic.

It’s important to note that Adrenaline can no longer download the PBP file of PSP FW 6.61 on its own so you must provide it yourself. Obviously, you need a HACKED PSVita/PSTV running FW 3.60 or 3.65 (through TheFlow’s updater) to use Adrenaline.


To download Adrenaline, simply follow the links below. If you have any issues, report them to TheFlow on the GitHub link below or via Twitter in a civil manner.

Adrenaline-6.1 GitHub release page (download link for VPK + changelog):

PSP FW 6.61 PBP file (direct download link):

TheFlow’s Twitter (future updates):

TheFlow’s PayPal donation link (he also accepts donations of BitCoin – address is on his Twitter page):

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