5 useful plugins to install on your newly hacked FW 3.65-3.68 PSVita/PSTV

Most PSVita hackers love their homebrew software, such as Adrenaline and RetroArch emulators. However, there is another category of software for hacked PSVita consoles,called plugins, which also deserves its own share of love! This article is here to explain and bring the light the best PSVita/PSTV plugins that work with h-encore.


1. ShellBat/ShellSecBat

ShellBat is a favourite of mine as it brings the battery percentage to the status bar, a feature that Sony themselves should’ve implemented!

Must-have homebrew for the upcoming PSVita FW 3.65 to 3.68 hack!

Having the battery percentage is very useful since the battery icon sometimes displays a full battery even when your PSVita is on 60-70%!

Thanks to nowrep’s ShellBat, which was released back in May 2017, you no longer need to open a separate app to check your battery’s true remaining percentage (as Sony’s battery icon is inaccurate).


If you want more than just the battery percentage in the status bar, you can opt for ShellSecBat. ShellSecBat is a fork of ShellBat by OperationNT414C which also allows you to display:

  • Seconds
  • The remaining space of storage partitions including ux0, ur0, uma0 and xmc0

Both plugins were recently updated for FW 3.68 so you can start using them straight away!

2. DownloadEnabler

The browser is actually somewhat useful when paired with DownloadEnabler since it’s a fast way to get ROMs for your favourite emulators!

If you’re a fan of using your PSVita/PSTV without a computer/smartphone at your side, this one will prove extremely useful. DownloadEnabler, by TheFlow, allows you download any file you want (not just a few file types like images that Sony lets you download) via the Browser application and stores it to ux0:/download!

This plugin is even more useful if your PSVita is running FW 3.67 or 3.68 since lower firmwares don’t support TLSv1.2. This could make navigating the internet a little more painful as some websites have dropped support for browsers that don’t support TLSv1.2 encryption.

Like ShellBat, this plugin is available for FW 3.68 so you can go legally grab those ROMs now!

3. PSV VSH Menu

PSV VSH Menu, by Joel16, is a plugin that allows you to overclock your PSVita and do other stuff such as load applications. Of course, it also gives that nostalgic PSP-era VSH Menu look. Does overclocking the PSVita damage it? Absolutely not, some games like Project Diva F even do it natively!

5 useful plugins to use with h-encore on FW 3.65-3.68

PSV VSH Menu allows you overclock your PSVita to get over FPS issues and do much more!

Like the PSP, the PSVita’s CPU usually runs at underclocked frequency of 333MHz (the PSP ran at 222MHz) to prolong battery life but this sometimes has adverse effects on games.

More demanding games like Borderlands 2 could greatly benefit from ‘overclocking’ your PSVita’s CPU to 444Mhz by outputting much better framerates. Remember, overclocking your PSVita will make it heat up more and obviously, the battery will run down quicker so don’t overclock it if you won’t be near a charging source for a while!

While PSV VSH Menu didn’t get any update for the FW 3.68, users have reported that it still works properly so you can go install it right now!

4. NoNpDrm and NoPsmDrm

Both plugins strip out DRM protection on official PSVita games so that you could play games without having the adequate license. Obviously, both are/will be used for piracy although there are some legitimate use-cases for both such as running legally owned digital games on unactivated consoles (you can’t activate some PSVita firmwares).

Life of Pixel, one of the games that NoPsmDRM resurrects from the dead!

NoNpDrm, by TheFlow, is targeted towards PSVita games (excluding PSX/PSP titles which can be run via Adrenaline) while NoPsmDrm is targeted towards PSM games. PSM (PlayStation Mobile) is a defunct software platform that was closed down in late 2015 so without NoPsmDrm, there would be no way to play PSM games today unless you bought them over 2.5 years ago and you didn’t delete them! Thanks to Frangar, you can play games such as Life Of Pixel even today but do note that downloading PSM software is technically illegal so let your conscience weigh down on that.

As both plugins are mostly used for piracy, no links will be provided and as always, purchase games to support their creators if possible (unlike it is with PSM titles).

5. Pngshot

If you regularly take screenshots on the PSVita/PSTV (START + PS button), you will notice that screenshots aren’t very high quality and some even contain watermarks. Thanks to xyzz’s pngshot plugin, you can take screenshots in PNG format in every application without watermarks.

Screenshots of games like Metal Gear Solid 3 will no longer have watermarks thanks to pngshot. Image from MobyGames

It was recently updated to support FW 3.68 so that you can start taking good screenshots straight away!


Obviously, there are many more worthwhile plugins to install but some may not work on FW 3.68! Sadly, VitaBright and DS3Vita haven’t been updated yet which is why they didn’t make the list.

Other noteworthy plugins are DS4VitaNoAVLSVfluxOclockVita and ReStore(lets PSN work on FW 3.60).

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