[3DS] FBI Released V2.6.0

Surprise update for this new year from the developer Steveice10 that has released a new update of FBI CIA installer in version 2.6.0.FBI is a file manager and is the best open-source program that allows you to manage your files on the 3DS console with the possibility to launch titles in CIA and 3DS format.

  • Available as CIA, 3DS and 3DSX. To use the 3DSX version, make sure that the required services are accessible, for example through the Luma3DS access patch option or previously run a kernel exploit, such as fasthax or waithax.
  • Explore and edit SD, TWL photos, TWL sounds, save data.
  • Explore and edit CTR NAND, TWL NAND and system save data and download the raw NAND image in “sdmc: /NAND.bin”. (CIA / 3DS only)
  • Delete, copy and paste files and directories.
  • Export, import, delete and save protected data values.
  • Launch the titles installed in the system. (CIA / 3DS only)
  • Install and uninstall titles from a file system, over HTTP with a URL or QR code or from the CDN if you have installed the title tickets.
  • Install and uninstall tickets from a file system or over HTTP with a URL or QR code.
  • Browse and delete pending titles (downloaded updates, eShop titles, etc.).
  • Customize the appearance by placing the ROMFS resource overrides in “sdmc: / fbi / theme /”.

servfiles is a Python script included with the FBI for distributing CIA files via a local HTTP server and sending URLs to the FBI on the network. For more information, see the “README.md” file included.



  • TitleDB support removed.
  • Added TLSv1.2 support.
    • In the test, the speeds were ~ 70-80kbps, which should be enough for homebrew downloads.
      • I hope to deepen the matter and improve the speed in the future, but I wanted to finally get something for the moment.
    • Downloads from sources that support older TLS versions (for example, not GitHub) will continue to use the integrated 3DS stack, and therefore should progress at the same speed as before.
  • Restore the integrated update to use GitHub.

Be sure to report any new problems caused by these changes. The issue ticket for TLSv1.2 support can be found  here  .

Also, this update can not be installed using the integrated update, because TitleDB servers are no longer available for previous FBI versions to extract from.


  • Fixed the problem of lack of support for HTTP related redirects.
  • Corrects multi-file actions that do not respect file list filters.
  • Correction to stop the title list for loading the DS (i) title metadata.


  • Fix the URL installation


  • Added option to mark the TitleDB entries installed as updated.
  • Added option to sort the TitleDB list based on the status of the installation.
  • Displays the version and date of installation from the TitleDB cache.
  • Removed the CDN installer due to recent server-side changes that require tickets.
  • Titles that are not in the TitleDB installation cache are no longer considered installed by the TitleDB list.
  • Fixed inaccurate battery level icons.
  • Fixed the main menu update by confusing it with another TitleDB entry called FBI.
  • Correction of the main menu update not updating the status of the FBI TitleDB installation.
  • Resolves the potential crash caused by trying to display unsupported text characters.


  • Clean the various bits of the core code.
  • Corrects font size on CHN / KOR / TWN devices.
  • HTTP operations now support gzip / deflate compression, which should reduce bandwidth usage when supported by the server.
  • Upload the file metadata after completing the complete list. Directories containing many CIAs should be more readily available, although detailed information will not be immediately available to all files until the upload is complete.
    • File operations that do not need file metadata should also load faster.
  • Edits the integrated update program to be extracted from TitleDB, as GitHub no longer supports TLS versions supported by 3DS.
  • Rewritten TitleDB support.
    • Titles can be installed as 3DSX and / or CIA, depending on availability.
      • The descriptions and categories are displayed in the main TitleDB list and detailed information is displayed for the CIA and 3DSX versions after selecting a title.
    • The entries will be blue when a more recent version is available. Note that all installed titles will be marked as obsolete until they are installed with version 2.5.0 or later via TitleDB, since the latest installed version must be added to the cache.
      • All obsolete titles can be updated at once by pressing Y in the TitleDB list.
    • Basic sorting and filtering options have been added.

Many internal changes have been made that led to this version. Be sure to report any anomalies and crashes that may have been lost.

In addition, the integrated updater should no longer work on versions prior to 2.5.0, since GitHub has disabled TLSv1.1 support.

v 2.4.14

  • Added option retry to most operations.
  • Added display of the version string provided by TitleDB in the title information display.
  • Expansion for sorting options by titles and ext saves data.
    • Titles can be sorted by title ID, name or size.
    • Ext. Save data can be sorted by ID or name.
    • Disabling all sorting options leaves the items in the order in which they are provided by the 3DS operating system.

v 2.4.13

  • Added support for installing 3DSX files on SD card via serviciles.
  • Change the cameras in the QR code reader by pressing X.

v 2.4.12

  • Fix the duplicate icons in the title list.
  • Fixed the usage status of the ticket that is not updated after the installation of CDN.
  • Fixed URLs that are improperly encoded.

v 2.4.11

  • Centered display of URLs on the top screen during URL installations.
  • Updated banner template and start animation for the new logo. (Thanks PabloMK8)
  • Corrects the potential crash when the list is loaded from the TitleDB.
  • Corrects the version number in the HTTP user agent string

v 2.4.10

  • See the largest number of URLs that can be placed on the top screen when installing from URLs.
  • View the appropriate version numbers in the list of titles.
  • Filter duplicate TitleDB entries, showing only the most recent loaded versions.
  • Minor revisions of the FBI logo.
  • Reduces HTTP timeout to 15 seconds.
  • Fixes the error when FBI updates occur.
  • Fix the camera for QR code and other texture problems.

v 2.4.9

  • Added ETA to I / O activities. (Thanks @ speed47 )
  • Specifies a version of the title when installing CDN titles outside the list of tickets.
  • View information about the TitleDB application during installation.
  • Enable GZIP compression in HTTP requests. (Thanks @caycehouse )
  • HTTP calls after 30 seconds.
  • Updated to ctrulib v1.3.0 and citro3d v1.3.0. Return correction to the Homebrew menu when launched as 3DSX on Luma3DS.
  • Updated to TitleDB API v1.
  • Corrects duplicate list entries when past existing directories in the target are pasted.
  • Corrects incorrectly encoded HTTP request URLs. (Thanks @ Jerry-Shaw )
  • Fixed “Repeat last request” sometimes was mixed with multiple previous URLs.
  • Servefiles: interactive mode added, activated when no arguments are provided. (Thanks @turboclear )
  • Servefiles: added the sendurls tool to directly send a list of URLs to the network installer. (Thanks @connesc )
  • Servefiles: Fixed batch script in directories with spaces.
  • Servefiles: solves the occasional error after a previous use. (Thanks @ miniskipper )
  • Servefiles: Python 2 compatibility fixed.



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