PS5 Release: etaHEN by LightningMods


PlayStation scene developer LightningMods has released etaHEN for the PS5, an all-in-one Homebrew Enabler for the PS5, not unsimilar to GoldHEN on the P4. EtaHEN includes a lot of the features from other payloads, in a single binary, including Homebrew Enabler (Sleirsgoevy‘s kstuff), ELF Loader, FTP Server, libhijacker, as well as update blocker features. If this gets regular updates by LightningMods, this could become a key tool for the PS5 scene.

What is etaHEN for the PS5

etaHEN is a Homebrew Enabler for the PS5, enriched with additional features and plugins. From the Readme, these are the features of the tool currently:

    • kstuff for fself and fpkg support (4.50 & 4.03 only)
    • Debug Settings
    • Jailbreak IPC call (jailbreaks Homebrew apps)Ezoic
    • Update blocker (unmounts update partition)
    • libhijacker


  • Illusion‘s cheats/patches
  • FTP server on port 1337
  • Klog server on port 9088
  • elf loader on port 9027

LM expects to add the following features in the near future:

  • HEN config file for settings
  • re-enable the native PS5 Homebrew loader
  • More userland patches
  • Itemzflow integration
  • (maybe) Jailbreak whitelist for Homebrew
  • plugin loader

The developer notes that 2 versions of the loader exist: with and without Illusion’s patches. It appears the version with patches causes some incompatibilities with other homebrews (this will eventually get fixed) so you’ll have to pick your version based on what you value the most at the moment. From LM:

**Important**: etaHEN is currently separated into a payload with and without cheats, this is because the cheats are currently interfering with homebrew apps requesting to be jailbroken so until we fix that issue if you want to use HB apps like the store use etaHEN without cheats

Download/Use etaHEN

Reminder: you will need a hackable PS5 in order to run this homebrew enabler. (tips on where to buy one)


If you want to run the etaHEN payload yourself:

For a more “hands off the wheel” solution: will auto load the etaHEN payload

Source: LightningMods

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