DevilutionX v1.5.0 released for Windows PC, MacOS, Linux, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One/Series X/S

Available a new update for the porting of DevilutionX , the open source version of the first chapter of Diablo published by the developer sarcasticat with the participation of the devilutionx team on Windows PC, MacOS, Linux, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One/Series X/S.



In order to run this version you will need to recover the file diabdat.mpqfrom a previous installation of Diablo on PC (possibly purchase a copy of the game on GOG).


Alternatively you can use the file spawn.mpq instead of the file diabdat.mpqto play the shareware version of the game. The file must be uploaded in the same directory as the executable (folder DevilutionX).

One of the main new features of this update is the ability to play all missions in the game, which can now be activated directly from the settings menu.

Additionally, new multiplayer features have been introduced, including the ability to enter PvP arenas via specific chat commands, such as /arena #.

It is also possible to inspect other players’ objects using the command /inspect <nome>However, it’s important to note that the Hellfire expansion has been disabled in this release.

The developers have also paid great attention to graphics and audio improvements. You can now view floating damage numbers and item art in shops.

Also added a map in the city for easier orientation and made improvements in text rendering and lighting. Among other things, fixes have been made to various bugs related to gameplay, quests, item stats and character abilities.

RAM usage has been reduced and improvements have been made to ensure a smoother gaming experience, even on low-end systems. --langIn addition, the ability to specify the language via the option and to choose the preferred audio device has been added .

The update also includes major translation improvements for French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and Ukrainian. Item names have been synced to the current game language, providing a more consistent and immersive experience.


  • Download the latest version of DevilutionX and extract the contents to a location of your choice or build the executable from the source code.
  • Copy the file diabdat.mpqfrom the CD or GOG installer (or extract it from the GoG installer) into the folder DevilutionX.
  • To run the Diablo: Hellfire expansion you will also need to copy the hellfire.mpqhfmonk.mpqhfmusic.mpqhfvoice.mpq.

For more detailed instructions: Installation Instructions .




  • Fluctuating damage numbers.
  • Option to collect oils automatically.
  • Quest items now drop based on difficulty.


  • It is possible to play all missions, which can be activated from the settings menu.
  • Added chat commands, usable via /help.
  • Added PvP arenas accessible via /arena #.
  • Ability to inspect other players’ items via /inspect <nome>.
  • Hellfire: Disabled “The Cornerstone of the World”.
  • Hostile player names appear in red in the chat panel.


  • Added support for original Xbox.
  • Added (experimental) support for RG99.
  • Added support for Android TV.
  • Demo playback on SDL1 versions.
  • Android: Support for loading data from external storage.
  • Android: The game is not accelerated after pausing if playing alone.
  • Provides virtual resolutions for systems with only one native resolution.
  • Windows: Digitally signed executable.

Graphics / Audio

  • Option to show item graphics in shops.
  • Added the map in the city.
  • Added widescreen loading screens (thanks to @Chance4us ).
  • Shows the spell casting animation in the city.
  • Several text rendering improvements.
  • Using decimal separator for gold and XP.
  • Monsters end invisibility on death.
  • Durability icon that gradually changes color to red.
  • The soil color of small rejuvenation potions is more distinct.
  • Indicates on which difficulty a hero defeated Diablo.
  • Only show resolution height when “FitToScreen” option is enabled.
  • Improved smooth lighting update while moving.
  • Improved monster health bar in some edge cases.
  • Playing a sound signal when gold is automatically placed in the open inventory.
  • Color the inventory slot according to the quality of the item.
  • Added settings for choosing a different audio sampler.
  • Support for recoloring heroes via trn file.


  • Adjust the descriptions in the information panel according to the input device.
  • Gamepad controls can now be mapped.
  • New keyboard mapping options.
  • Improved menu navigation with gamepad/touch.
  • Gamepad: Automatic button layout detection.
  • Mouse back button support in menus.
  • Do not aim at monsters when casting “Heal Other” and “Resurrect”.
  • Improved logic for automatic belt filling.


  • French translation update.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Updated Japanese translation.
  • Updated Polish translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated Ukrainian translation.
  • Synchronization of existing item names with the current game language.
  • Xbox One/Series: Including translations.

Stability / Performance / System

  • Creating submenus for groups of settings.
  • Reducing RAM memory usage.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Frame skipping on low power systems.
  • Added option --langto specify language.
  • Setting for choosing the audio device.
  • Screenshot names based on date.
  • Various bug fixes.

Bug fixes


  • Attack speed isn’t always accurate for specific combinations of effects and actions.
  • Telekinesis respects the Disable Crippling Shrines setting.
  • No longer consumes mana when double-casting Mana Shield.
  • Fixed some bugs and edge cases with stash.
  • Hellfire: Books from Adria’s shop transform.
  • Petrified monsters that change position when hit after loading a saved game.


  • Items held by the cursor have been lost due to the lag indicator.
  • Items lost due to various desync issues.
  • Fixed multiple desync issues.
  • No longer shows hostile players on the map.
  • Player animations are sometimes out of sync.
  • Improved latency management.


  • Windows: Fixed ZeroTier always failing for Unicode usernames.
  • Life: Items lost by tapping out of inventory.
  • Fixed gold withdrawing on SDL1 releases.
  • Translation support on BE systems.
  • Translated system texts in macOS/iOS.

Graphics / Audio

  • The top of the screen doesn’t render at some resolutions.
  • Correct alignment of lightning and hell.
  • Made item labels take UI into consideration.
  • Adria’s “you have nothing to top up” is a misalignment on an empty list.
  • Monsters sometimes don’t render.
  • Missing lighting for some areas after loading a saved game.
  • Hellfire missions are removed from the mission log once completed.


  • touch: Buttons missing on low-end devices.
  • The hero is sometimes unwilling to drop an object even when there is still floor space.

Stability / Performance / System

  • Allowed to use the built-in screenshot function when entering text.
  • Various crashes.
  • A rare freeze when loading hellish levels.
  • Various issues with cursor rendering.
  • Some additional item validation when converting saves from Hellfire to Diablo.

Bug fixes for original Diablo bugs


  • Several issues that would cause missiles to miss when they shouldn’t.
  • Some coatings do not block missiles and vision.
  • The player can spawn in an incorrect location on some levels.
  • The city portal does not always return to the correct quest level.
  • Extra stats are missing at level 50.
  • Guardian not calculating his damage correctly.
  • Items lost when activating a portal while harvesting.
  • Diablo does not give expected XP on Inferno difficulty.
  • Fireball/Elemental that deals no damage when the monster is not in line of sight.
  • Lightning spell that can pass through some walls.
  • Prevents double spellcasting.
  • Unable to choose Golem spawn location when right clicking scroll.
  • Low quality items in quests after using a city portal.
  • Nightmare and Inferno monsters have low HP.
  • Monsters are immune to non-player missiles.
  • Stairs up to level 6 don’t work sometimes.
  • The Deadly Hunter’s bow does not deal the correct damage.
  • Poisoned water does not appear in the quest log if discovered before talking to Pippin.
  • Casting spells while leveling up will target the old location.
  • Enchantment that remains unavailable after using a stone shrine until you re-equip the staff.
  • Unique monstrous light that is left behind when removed.
  • Quick and fast hit recovery buildup.
  • Camera shaking when loading a save after Diablo dies.
  • Corrected calculation for max mods lost when using the reload ability.
  • Do not get XP after damaging a monster if it dies from a trap.
  • Flaming arrows that prevent monsters from healing.


  • Trapped doors that rearm when returning to a level.
  • Fixed some dsync sources.

Graphics / Audio

  • Added scroll bar to help window.
  • Show portal animation in town.
  • Fixed inconsistent lighting in mission levels.
  • Petrified monsters that turn to face the attacker.
  • Display the correct armor class in the coal panel.
  • Minor rendering bugs in UI panels.
  • Center the 2×2 items that go into the 2×3 slots.
  • Broken corners on some levels of the cathedral.
  • Slight smearing when walking in certain directions.
  • Unique monsters light up not always following the monster.
  • Monster slipping after being cursed by stone.
  • The player walks on the moon when talking to monsters.
  • The tavern sign plays the wrong sound when it falls to the ground.


  • Help panel that stays open while talking to NPCs.

Stability / Performance / System

  • Minor stability issues.
  • Optic Amulet and Arkaine’s Valor are sometimes misaligned.

Bug fixes for original Hellfire bugs


  • Prevents oil of death damage wrapping.
  • Reflected damage is sometimes too low.


  • Desync in Nest when cow tracking is enabled.
  • Gillian repeats the grave search start line several times.
  • Not being able to collect quest items if you haven’t started the game.
  • The mission goes out of sync.

Graphics / Audio

  • Buggy lighting in Nest and Crypt.
  • Jester’s item description that says 500% instead of 600% damage.
  • Typos in subtitles.

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [3DSX] [ CIA ]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [Amiga]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [Android] [ iOS ]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [Lepus]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [Linux aarch64] [ i386 ] [ x86_64.appimage ] [ x86_64 ]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [MacOS x86_64]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [Miyoo Mini Miniui] [ Onion OS ]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [RetroFW]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [PS4]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [RG350]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [Switch]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [Lifetime]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [Windows i386] [x86_64]

Download: DevilutionX v1.5.0 [SboxOne/Series] [x86_64]

Download: Source code DevilutionX v1.5.0


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