AndroLayer release: Android running on the PS Vita (Video + download)!


Developer Crait (whom you might remember from his Vita homebrew game Treasure Chasers) has published a full fledged Android emulator for the PS Vita. This allows you to run Oreo (Android 8.1) on your hacked PS Vita, and is available right now!

Check out the video and the download link below.

What’s AndroLayer for PS Vita?


Few people know it, but the PS Vita Architecture is extremely similar to that of most phones that run Android.

On this basis, it stands to reason that an Android port to the PS Vita was only a matter of time. And this is what Crait delivered, with a pretty functional Android layer already.

Obviously, this emulator still needs lots of work, but the developer plans to open source it soon.



Let’s hope that the community will catch up on this and join forces to make it grow.

Surely this could mean great things for the PS Vita scene.

Download AndroLayer for PS Vita

You will need a hacked PS Vita in order to run AndroLayer.

Follow the instructions from the original tweet, then download the VPK from the developer’s site here.

Once you’re done installing and running the VPK, you’ll go through the typical Android setup. During this process, make sure to set the date correctly, as it’s critical for compatibility with this release.

Source: Craig

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