PS4 Release: Hamachi client 0.2.1 by Sleirsgoevy, adds Firmware 9.00 support

Developer Sleirsgoevy has released an update to his unofficial Hamachi client for the PS4. Version 0.2 brings firmware 9.00 support.

What is Hamachi Client for PS4?

Hamachi is a VPN service that lets you extend a LAN network online. In other words, it helps you simulate a local network with friends over the internet, in order to play LAN games remotely.

This PS4 version is not an official product by LogMeIn Inc. This is a port of LogMeIn Hamachi virtual LAN client to the PS4. It is done by wrapping the linux binary.

Hamachi PS4 0.2.1 Changelog

  • 9.00 firmware support

Download Hamachi for PS4 0.2.1 (compatible with 9.00, 7.5x, 6.73, and 5.05)

You can download the latest release of Hamachi PS4 here.

In order to install and run the package, you will need a Jailbroken PS4.

Source: Sleirsgoevy

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