PS4: 9.00 Jailbreak with GoldHEN autoload

For those of you who are having trouble following payload injection steps of our PS4 9.00 Jailbreak guide, new options have been released yesterday, that simplify some of the steps, namely by auto-loading GoldHEN to your PS4. This won’t prevent you from having to learn the basics of sending a payload through NetCat eventually, but for the act of Jailbreaking your PS4, this can simplify things much more.

Disclaimer: we still think that loading your CFW of choice manually is a good thing to try and do, if only because it teaches you the basics of injecting payloads to your PS4, which is PS4 Jailbreak 101. You will ultimately need to learn some of these things to get the best out of your Jailbroken PS4, but if you’ve been running into issues, the links and tutorials below might help solve some of the frustration.

The basics of autoloading GoldHEN

The basis process of creating your magic usb stick, and running the Jailbreak remain the same as in our guide here, except all the steps for sending the GoldHEN payload are now handled for you by some of these tools.

Easiest Method, point your PS4 Browser to one of the hosts supporting GoldHEN autoload.

One way to achieve that currently is to point your PS4 browser to Kameleon’s host at

This version of the Jailbreak doesn’t only handle the Jailbreak, but also autoload GoldHEN for you. Credits go to Leeful for this version.

You still need to craft a magic usb stick beforehand, as outlined in our tutorial here.

For more details on this autoload method you can check this great tutorial by Sam Daniel:


There are alternatives to Kameleon’s host of course, including other hosts that have Leeful’s code as well.

Also, for those of you who are preferring to have a self-hosted solution with GoldHEN autoloaded, you can have a look at mc-17’s implementation here, which is a Flask (Python microweb) container for the exploit, with autoload of GoldHEN.

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