Yuzu and Ryujinx Switch emulators run Metroid Dread on day 1

Metroid Dread on the Switch has been a smashing success, sitting at a 88% score on Metacritic, and with the physical copies of the game getting out of stock as soon as new inventory is added at retailers (the digital version, of course, can still be purchased).

In the context of this release, the developers behind the Yuzu Switch emulator have announced that Metroid Dread is playable on Day 1 on Yuzu. As a matter of fact, the game was technically playable on emulators before its official release, as it appears the game was leaked before its release day, on some piracy sites.

Your experience may vary depending on the PC hardware you run Yuzu on, but a lot of people have reported being able to play the game on Yuzu with no issue.




In parallel, multiple videos have emerged to confirm that Ruyjinx, another Switch emulator, runs the game fine as well.

Elephant in the room: we’ll avoid guessing how people actually acquired the Metroid files to run on their PC. The most “legit” way of doing so is to buy the game yourself, then use a hacked Switch to extract the files. Of course, if you do own a Nintendo Switch, there’s probably little reason for you to run the game on your PC just right now, unless you want to enjoy some of the improvements these emulators bring.

Independently of the ethics of using emulators to run a game that was just released, it is pretty impressive to see how much Yuzu and Ryujinx have accomplished since their inception, and that a game that just got released pretty much runs perfectly on both of these emulators.

We did mention recently a lot of improvements have been added to the Yuzu emulator, in particular to address issues with AMD GPUs. It seems a new update has been pushed a few days ago specifically to handle glitches with Metroid Dread, and making sure it would work properly.

Download Yuzu/Ryujinx Switch Emulators

Source: Yuzu

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