RetroArch (PS2) Progress : New Cores incoming, gpSP (GameBoy Advance @ Full-Speed)

Emulation on a Homebrew Enabled PS2 Console has some great progress in the past year plus, thanks to still very much active PS2 development scene. Developer’s like @fjtrujy has ported RetroArch to the PS2 about and since then has been adding more and more support for additional emulation with additional libretro core’s., Recently the developer previewed some big things that have been in the pipeline for the PlayStation 2 port of RetroArch (a multi-system emulator).

The PS2 now has a new full speed GBA (GameBoy Advance) emulator coming soon with the gpsp libretro core now running very well @ full speed with the work of @fjtrujy and @davidgfnet collaborating to bring dynarec to provide a full speed gba emu on the PS2 Console. Also, the Lutro Core (Lua) improvements are right around the corner as well with some progress being made (seen here) to the core . See some of the progress that has been made on the PS2 port of RetroArch so far in 2021 below.


Download & Official Website:

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