reVC-vita (GTA: Vice City) port for PS Vita / PSTV by @theflow0 & @Rinnegatamante Released

The PS Vita / PlayStation TV devices are getting another great release for the Vita Homebrew Scene. Iconic developer’s in the Vita Community who have done so much for the platform in @Rinnegatamante and developer @TheFlow, have continued on another great project in a follow-up to reIII-Vita (A port of GTA III to the PS Vita). The devs have now successfully ported another Grand Theft Auto classic in the series & are now ready for release as they drop reVC-Vita – A Port of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to the Vita Community.

reVC-Vita is a fully reversed – reimplementation of GTA: Vice City using the librw engine (a full and open source version of RenderWare Graphic Engine), like we seen used in re3-Vita. In order to play this release you need to own a copy of the PC Game (can be purchased on Steam) and move needed game fiies, additional information can be viewed in the installation notes


These guys continue to do some great work, but it does not seem like they are quite done yet even with the GTA Series as they are looking and making significant progress in porting what could be the next project Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Here was a tweet by TheFl0w then later on Rinnegatamante posted a tweet with a video of more progress and gameplay they have made porting the mobile version of GTA:SA to the Vita (Update: see this thread for progress). So that is a project that could be something to look forward in the future as more progress is made for a suitable release. Until then time to relive the Vice City story of Tommy Vercetti on your PS Vita or PlayStation TV!!!!​


  • psv_gtaVC.png
    by Rinnegatamante & TheFloW

    • reVC-vita is a port of reVC ( ), a full reverse engineered reimplementation of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City using librw, a full and open source reimplementation of RenderWare graphics engine.


    • v1.0.1:  Little hotfix (v.1.0.1) available for download that fixes several “random” crashes issues with the game:


Download & Additional Information in Official Release Thread @:
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