PS Vita Release: Silly Tower (Homebrew Game, KyuHEN competition entry)

Veteran Vita Developer CPasJuste released Silly Tower, a Tricky Towers-like for the PS Vita. Silly Tower participates in the KyuHEN Vita Homebrew competition, a contest with more than $1700 in cash prizes. The KyuHEN competition is now officially over, but we’re catching up on a few of the releases from the past few days.

SillyTower uses CPasJuste’s own 2D C++ engine, libcross2D, which is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and PSVita as well as other platforms (If you’re a Homebrew dev, you should give it a look). You can also get the source code for the game at

What is Silly Tower for PS Vita

From the readme:

SillyTower is a physics based game where you must build the highest possible tower!

  • You should be connected to internet to use online leaderboard and rival your friends
  • Online leaderboard use your vita username (psn), you can change this by writing a file with your username in ux0:/data/SillyTowerData/username.txt (6 chars min, 17 chars max)
  • If more than two cubes hits the ground, it’s bad for you!

You can download Silly Tower from its page on the Kyuhen competition here.

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