4.88 Update is Live! – Official HFW & HEN Released

Sony official update v4.88 is live!

– This system software update improves system performance.

Compiled date:
– 2021/04/12

– PSN / SEN authentication method has been changed as stated by @Evilnat via his twitter, please, if you are concerned about not getting banned, avoid using PROXY or SPOOF.​


Update 1:


Update 2:​
Release: HFW 4.88

Tested on:

  • CECH21XX
  • CECH25XX
  • CECH30XX
  • CECH42XX


MD5: 23F60BAF3C3D38BC77AA452E770D1248


Official HEN available!
(Access the PS3XPLOIT website to install it)
View the latest changes here


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