PS Vita Release: Angel Collide (Homebrew Game, KyuHEN competition entry)

Developer Xanderten50 released Angel Collide, a Side scrolling Shoot’em up for the PS Vita. Angel Collide participates in the KyuHEN Vita Homebrew competition, a contest with more than $1700 in cash prizes.

What is Angel Collide for PS Vita

From the readme:

Angel Collide is a simple side-scrolling shmup built in Gamemaker Studio.

Gifted with the powers of the Halo, the Angel must follow the Golem and his minions across 5 levels and finally defeat him in his stronghold.

Shoot anything that moves and aim for a high score. Simply install the vpk (no other files required).

Download Angel Collide

You can download Angel Collide from its page on the Kyuhen competition here.

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