This kelftool release can create KELF files, which are compatible with FMCB 1.9 series installer, Windows and Linux binaries are provided. Generated KELF files can be properly signed by secrman_special through SECRSIF.

In addition, newer version allows creation of MBR KELF files which are bootable from __mbr. To achieve this, source must be a raw binary (headerless) created from an ELF with load address 0x100000.

To encrypt do the following:

(Linux) ./kelftool.elf encrypt fmcb your.elf your.kelf
(Windows) kelftool.exe encrypt fmcb your.elf your.kelf

To create MBR KELF file do the following:

(Linux) ./kelftool.elf encrypt mbr yourbinary yourMBR.kelf
(Windows) kelftool.exe encrypt mbr yourbinary yourMBR.kelf

Fork source code available at:

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