PS5 M.2 SSD Drive Storage Expansion Upgrade Installation Guide

As previously announced in The Ultimate PS5 FAQ, following USB Extended Storage Sony plans to introduce PS5 M.2 SSD Drive Storage Expansion support this summer in the form of an upcoming PS5 Firmware Update that according to Bloomberg will also increase cooling fan speeds to prevent the console from overheating🔥

While it’s currently not recommended to purchase an M.2 SSD Drive for PS5 until Sony confirms the full specification list of SSDs supported when the PlayStation 5 storage expansion bay is enabled, below is a handy video guide from NASCompares on YouTube covering the installation process in preparation for the internal storage upgrade! :geek:

For those just joining the PS5 Scene, upgrading the internal SSD storage is relatively simple requiring only flathead / phillips screwdrivers and a few minutes of time as Sony provides an adjustable screw (based on the SSD card’s length) to hold down the PS5 Solid State Drive once inserted into the PlayStation 5 console. :tup:

PS5 NVMe SSD Expansion Physical Installation Guide

PS5 M.2 SSD Drive Storage Expansion Upgrade Installation Guide.jpg

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