PS4 Tools (Library w/ Unity Support) updated with “huge update” by The Darkprogrammer

Alongside of the recent release of PS4 Trophy Unlocker PS4 developer @The Darkprogramer also had a big update for PS4 Tools, a Open Source suite of tools in all-in-one library. Various projects have utilized this library in their projects like PS4’s PS2 Classic GUIPS4 PKG Tool, ,PS4 Xplorer along with various other tools (listed below). but the dev is back with new updates for developer;s who may want to use this library that supports Unity development. In this “huge update” from @The Darkprogramer devs now have the ability to use the recently released Trophy Unlocker and other Recovery Tools in their projects. Not really an end-user release but useful for developer;s who especially have used Unity in creation of their projects. The DarkProgrammer has a homebrew he hopes to release very soon also utilizing this library. .


  • PS4 Tools
    Collection Of Open Source PS4 Tools all in one Library
    Supports Unity

    Did a huge update for developers on ps4 tools, You now have the ability to use the recovery tools, Trophy unlocker and many more as found on PS4 Tools (Homebrew)

    As most of you know I have been absent from the scene for quite some time. And because of that a few projects fell flat and was never completed.
    Today I’m announcing a huge update to PS4 Tools.​

    This toolkit is mainly used if you want to create your own ps4 tools in C# as @pearlxcore and @Lapy have made use of it in their corresponding tools and homebrew applications.

    This toolkit is created in C# and can be used in Unity.
    This update includes new recovery functions as seen on my twitter feed for the new Recovery Functions as well as the trophy unlocker.

    I will also be releasing my homebrew soon for everyone to use.


    Projects Currently Running PS4 Tools

    • PS4 PS2 Classics Manager (Unreleased) Github
    • PS4 PS2 Classics GUI Github
    • PS4 PKG Installer (PKG Store) Github
    • PS4 PKG Installer Andorid Github
    • PS4 PKG Tool- By pearlxcore Github
    • PS4 Explorer – By Lapy Github|Twitter
    • PS4 Tools Homebrew (WIP)Github
    • PS4 Save Manager Github
    • PS4 Trophy Unlocker Github

Source Code / Downloads @:

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