re3 (A re-implementation of GTA III) v1.2 Released: New Improvements & Optimizations

We have been seeing some amazing projects on the PS Vita and its vibrant homebrew community, One of those projects was recently re3-vita from developer’s @Rinnegatamante & @TheFlow who have provided us with a new update (v1.2) to the Open Source re-implementation of Grand Theft Auto III Engine, Now you can easily play your PC (or Steam) version of the game on your PS Vita and the developer have been progressing the project as seen now with several updates.

In version 1.2 some updates like using the latest commits of VitaGL & re3 (Engine) have been applied, also improvements to rainy scene’s in the gameplay have been improved with increased framerate. This was done by backporting effects from GTAVC, This update contains other changes like Triple Buffering, which you should notice when V-Sync is turned off as in prior versions you may of experienced an tearing affects in the graphics. See complete listing of changes in the changelog below and more information about this project can be seen below.

ErAM4ifXcAIPe5S.jpg ErAM5OfW4Acjwya.jpg

Also, unrelated to this release. If you have been following our twitter feed or developer @Rinnegatamante ‘s feed you may of seen some of the latest progress on a few other projects from the dev. Like the progress of flycast (Dreamcast) emulator for the PS Vita / PS TV, while the project was announced months ago (desire for a dreamcast emulator on the vita) it has been seeing some progress of late, while there is still somethings needed before we see a release a compatibility list is starting to form, as Rinnegatamante mentions on twitter . The developer has some great progress already released and some new things coming in the weeks and months ahead. So stay tuned for the latest. Until then enjoy a great port of re3 one your PS Vita or on your couch with your PSTV.

  • ErAM5AgXAAwNlPO.jpg ErAM4x3XIAE1xq5.jpg


    • Updated to latest vitaGL commit.
    • Added triple buffering (Eliminates tearing when V-Sync is off).
    • Greatly improved backface culling blacklist (There shouldn’t be anymore invisible models in certain circumstances).
    • Added back support for PS2 Alpha Test emulation (you can enable or disable it in Graphics option. Suggested to turn it Off for better performances)
    • Updated to latest re3 commit. (Amongst the various bugfixes and enhancements, physics is now properly working on Vita and voice acting volume has been adjusted).
    • Backported rain particles effect from GTA: Vice City (Greatly increases framerate during rainy scenes).
    • Enabled more aggressive optimizations on compiling phase.


NOTE: Re-download and overwrite the data files package prior installing the vpk if you had v.1.1 installed!!!

P.S. If the game crashes at boot after installing v.1.2 and overwriting data files, you’ll need to replace all .txd files with official ones coming from original game data files.

Release Thread:

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