Switch: ndeadly releases MissionControl allowing you to wirelessly connect the DualShock 4, XBOX One S, Wii U Pro controller & more via Bluetooth!

One of the major advantages that hacking your console gives you is choice and customisation allowing you to shape your experience to make it closer to what you like most. Now, more choice has been introduced on the Nintendo Switch in the form of what wireless controllers you can connect thanks to ndeadly’s MissionControl sysmodule!

What is MissionControl?

If you have a DualShock 4 controller lying around, you can now use it with your Switch wirelessly with no extra hardware!

As the title suggests, MissionControl is a sysmodule for hacked Nintendo Switch consoles running Atmosphère that allows one to connect certain popular controllers via Bluetooth. This is done by intercepting native Bluetooth initialisation and connecting controllers works like you would connect a Switch Pro Controller by going to Controllers->Change Grip/Order Screen from the HOME menu.

While MissionControl makes connected controllers behave like native controllers with native button remapping also being supported, the most important information about it is which controllers work with it and these include:

  • The DualShock 4 (i.e. PlayStation 4) controller
    • No mention was made of which version was supported so it assumed that both v1 and v2 controllers work with MissionControl
  • The XBOX One S controller
    • Early XBOX One controllers (Model 1537 & 1697) aren’t supported as they use a proprietary 2.4GHz signal
  • The Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller
  • The Nintendo Wii Remote and its add-ons such as the Nunchuck, Classic Controller & Classic Controller Pro

How do I use it? Are there future plans?

With MissionControl, you can connect your favourite unsupported controller through the native Controller applet!

Similar to other sysmodules, using MissionControl simply has you downloading a ZIP file (link below) and extracting it to the root of your microSD card. Afterwards, one simply has to reboot their console and MissionControl becomes active. In order to connect a control, you have to:

  • Open the native Controllers Applet on your Switch from the HOME menu
  • Press ‘Change Grip/Order’
  • Follow the controller-specific instructions found on the GBATemp thread linked below

When it comes to future plans, ndeadly plans on creating an application to manage controllers, implementing rumble & motion support while also adding the ability to use a keyboard & mouse as a controller.


If you prefer connecting your controllers via USB or your controller isn’t supported, you may be interested in checking out the sys-con sysmodule by Cathery which quickly became popular in the Switch community upon its release. You may also help MissionControl’s developer support 3rd party variants of official controllers by submitting an issue on the GitHub repo below with the device’s vid/pid.

MissionControl’s GBATemp Release Thread: https://gbatemp.net/threads/missioncontrol-use-controllers-from-other-consoles-natively-via-bluetooth.572645/

MissionControl’s GitHub Release Page: https://github.com/ndeadly/MissionControl/releases/